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I feel like maybe this is the best place to post this, as I saw SELFDEFENSE posted that he was at the expo.

I went today (Sat), showed up at ~11:45am and left at 3:25pm. This was my first show ever.

First: Holy crap (censoring myself for the sake of the easily offended). Being new to firearms and never going to a show before, this was quite an experience. I must have manhandled a gun every 15 feet, from handgun to rifle to assault rifle to, well, everything. I was sad to only find a single lonely M9-A1 in the ENTIRE place, but I think the 5 Draugonovs, the Norinco SKS, 4 Czech Mausers, and numerous AR's and pistols of ALL shapes/sizes made up for it. Maybe.

Second: I'm glad I got a chance to check out pistols beyond my M9-A1 (and of course, the ~2 dozen pistols I've held so far). Oddly enough, the Walther p22 was a pistol that both myself and a non-owner friend of mine (who, so far, has only felt comfortable with full-size, 357/40/45acp pistols) felt extremely comfortable holding. I don't know what it is about that little pistol, but I think I need to find a p99 and find out if has the same feeling (the .22 LR is a great plinking caliber, but I live ~30 mins to DC so "plinking" opportunities are rare, I'd like something useful!).

Third: I couldn't find a single vendor with a case of 9x19 ammo for sale, besides one with "American Eagle" which I have no experience or recommendations for. Georgia Arms was sold out of *all* their 9x19. One guy at another booth said he had more sales on Friday (I was there on Sat) then he had the entire weekend the last time the show was in town. Another guy said he sold 2 Norinco SKS's for $325 all weekend, and he sold 2 by Sat at ~1pm at $375. All political affiliations aside, but Obama doesn't take office until Feb, and with the economy and many other MAJOR issues to deal with before whatever gun control he may be proposing, I think everyone snatching up everything they can find is a *bit* out of hand.

Which is another way of saying: I hate everyone for buying out the ammo I wanted. Thanks, Jerks :p With that in mind, I will *most definitely* hit up the show again in Feb when it's around, and hopefully ammo and firearm prices don't skyrocket in the meantime due to demand. Remember, the "Obama effect" will only happen as a result of demand, despite the fact that it will be months before any legislation is even considered, and everything still has a chance to die in the other houses (contact your representatives!)

Lastly, the good things that came out of the show:
I was able to manhandle / ogle various firearms of my dreams (Draugonov, AK Krinkov, Barret 50 cal), played with a few new brands (HK, Walther, Krinker Plinker), 150 rounds of Speer Gold Dot LE 124 grain +P (what's the diff between LE and Non-LE anyway?), and a "Gun Saves Lives" pin from the Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Sadly, my friend and former roommate found neither an Emerson SPECWAR knife nor a pistol that "felt right" of which the price was "too good to refuse." Maybe after he shoots my Steyr he'll find a new friend. :)


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I got there at 4 -4:30 on Friday and it was not as bad as I expected. I went mainly to get ammo from Georgia Arms (sorry Jo :p) and a P22. Decided not to get the P22 because of the small grip size and briefly fondled a used .40 Walther P99 for $500, but decided to put the money into more ammo (sorry again).
There are the Old Dominion gun shows, most smaller than the Dulles Expo, but still worth it in places like Dale City in early December and bigger ones in Harrisonburg VA, and Beckley and Charleston, W.V. from time to time.
I don't even look for Steyrs at the shows since there are so few and CDNN's $350 price knocks most dealers out of the box.
Happy hunting
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