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Dry fire

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I was wondering if dry firing my S9 will hurt it ???? Thank you
I just want to practice techniques and i realy need to work on trigger squeeze :)
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Dry fire a steyr untill the cows come home.

You won't hurt it and it is GREAT practice, IMHO almost as valuable as range time.

triple check that your unloaded and don't even have live ammo in the same room.

No probs. Just make sure she is weapon clear ahead of time. I do dry fire alot to practice my stance, draw, weak hand, mixing hand to hand with draw of the firearm, speed, etc. etc.
If you find a manufacturer that doesn't recommend dry firing, find another manufacturer!!!!!!!! Ditto Fla Chef away.....
... been dry firing a lot [about 200 a day for the past months] with my M9, seem theres nothing wrong going on with it!

...that was old school IMHO.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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