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This looks promising!

What follows is a copy and paste of an email from Steyr as noted. Just providing info that may interest others........

I thank you for your inquiry concerning the AUG semi automatic availability status in the U.S.

For your information, Steyr administrators decided on May 4th, to commence with the AUG A3 semi automatic rifle production in the U.S. Its targeted availability is by the SHOT Show 2007. Furthermore, there are currently no plans to produce pistol caliber AUG’s in the U.S.

On June 2nd, the final AUG A3 SA configurations were determined in Austria (tentatively we named it the “American Universal Gewehr” - American Universal Rifle), after obtaining BATF guidelines regarding what needs to be produced in the U.S, and which components may be imported.

Currently, Steyr engineers are working on completing its technical data package (TDP) and the process of securing Austrian export and U.S. import permits for the transfer of the TDP to the U.S.

A lot of details are being worked this project at this time to realize our targets.

I hope this information will help to put any rumors to rest, and if we can be of any further service to you please contact me at any time.

With best regards,

Karl Walter

Steyr Arms, Inc. ... read=77039

I think there's still hope... It sure would be nice to see an AUG A3 in 6.8SPC!!!


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Haha...funny M40_3Gun-Shooter

I've heard some mixed things about that including someone saying they spoke to Karl at Shot and he said it wasn't looking good.

I did also hear of a rumor that in exchange for their halt of .50 BMG sniper rifle sales to Iran the U.S. worked out a back room deal to ease up on restrictions for future rifles like the USR (civilian version of the AUG).

So we'll see.
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