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I've got ~300 rounds through my new M9-A1. Here's my likes & dislikes thusfar about the pistol:

Likes -

1) Ergonomics are superb, very comfy in hand.

2) Love the easy field stripping.

3) It's accurate.

4) Minimal muzzle flip in 9mm, it's almost silly.

5) Only 300 rounds, but zero malfunctions so I'm happy about that.

Dislikes -

1) The sights I'm not sure about just yet. After years of 3-dots it seems
the trap sights just take a bit more time to get the sight picture I want
before pulling the trigger. If I concentrate though, the pistol does its
part. I just feel like the trap sights are more work to use precisely.

2) The trigger is jekyll and hyde. I partly bought a Steyr because of
all the people who said the trigger trumps Glock. Well mine does
maybe 40% of the time, but the rest of the time its very high-effort.
Should I consult Steyr, or is there anything I can do?

Input appreciated. :D

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It sounds like your trigger reset needs a tune up. In the tutorial section, Big Taco wrote a very easy to follow instructions on how to disassemble and clean up that particular problem. It's easy.......good shootin 8)

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Hiya H2 :)

Couple things...

The sights I'm not sure about just yet. After years of 3-dots it seems the trap sights just take a bit more time to get the sight picture I want before pulling the trigger.
You're kinda answerin' your own question with this one. :idea: Its pretty obvious that you are methodical. Its also my guess that you are a pretty good shooter with whatever you practice with and become more proficient with practice. Give yourself more time to train with it, becoming more comfortable with the sights. Your accuracy will naturally improve. I kinda hadta let go of my old 3-dot sight pic and allow for a new sight pic. I experienced the same "delay in pullin' the trigger", for quite a while, second guessing myself. Probably what helped the most was throwin' a tin can out and shootin' it along the ground, PDQ. Its kinda like playin' horseshoes. At first, I wasn't very good and had to learn how to make ringers. Not many at first but progressively more as I became familure with the game and my motivation adjusted itself so that I could compete, sensibly with myself. I feel pretty comfortable with the tri-traps now and have no problem goin' between 3-dotters and my tri-traps. Now, after literally 1000's of rounds, I don't hafta think about it anymore. If you are a competitive target shooter, you may be pissin' in the wind with these sights. They are not for target precision, IMHO. Heck, the sights aren't even adjustable. 8-O But, for quick aquisition from 0-20 yards, I find the consistant accuracy more than adequate. 8) And, just playin' around with cans out to 45-50 yards, sometimes I amaze myself. 8-O

As for the trigger... :roll:

Until the after market industry catches up with the Steyr M's and S's, you may hafta take matters into your own hands to make things more favorable for you or pay someone else to do it. Think of your piece as your canvas...what ya gonna paint? A striker fired piece will never have the finely tuned SA trigger pull that you get from your 1911. :roll: And, at preset, I don't believe that there are any trigger pull reduction kits available for these pistols.

Should anyone become aware of an after market trigger reduction kit for the Steyr M's and S's, post it ASAP to this forum, plz.

I can only hope that this latest advertising push from SAI will greatly influence sales enough for the Steyr M and S Series popularity to bait the after market industry with the potential for profit. If ya can't wait for that to happen, then do what you're doin' now. Explore and evaluate your options by gathering more info. This is a good forum to get in touch with some of those options. Bigtaco has taken the time and effort to provide one avenue for makin' the trigger feel better. Read his tutorial and see if its something you want to try. BTW, if you have a trigger pull guage, post your results. Hmmm... :idea: Also, the more you shoot it, the smoother it will become unless there is something wrong with it, in which case, you're best bet is to send it to SAI and have them go through it and fix what's wrong. Jack Riddle and the Steyrarms Team are workin' hard to make things right for Steyr owners. Customer service seems to be at an all time high. :!: Anyway, g'luck and hava great weekend. :)


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Hey Wulf, thanks for the helpful and informative post!

I agree about the delay in trigger pull time when punching paper. But when I concentrate the M-A1 is super-accurate. I agree these sights favor shorter ranges.

BTW yes I'm methodical - I set the bar very high for myself in regards to shooting accuracy. I'll put out some groups that I'm not too thrilled with and my shooting buddies will say - "save the target, that's a beauty!"...

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I tried getting used to the traps, but they just weren't jiving with me. If you feel it is necessary, swap the traps out for a set of PT night sights. They come in tons of different configurations, so you will surely find something you will love.

Regarding the trigger, just about all triggers get better with time. It's just a process of working all the parts in - they will smooth themselves out if you can wait. If not, do what the other members have already suggested and follow the tutorial - I'm sure you won't be sorry. :)

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the trigger gets better with use dry firing can help.

polishing the contacting points can help some.

BigTaco's tutorials are good but unless your getting 8lbs trigger effect I would suggest you hold off till you have 1,000-2,000 rounds through the gun.
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