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    Hi folks:
    I got my new M40A1 last week and put about 50 rounds through it. No problems so far. It seems to kick less than my Glock 19!

    I cleaned the gun quickly before I shot it, and it was very dry. I'm glad I took the time to do it as there didn't seem to be any lubricant on it.

    I want to take the action carrier out, but looking at the tutorial, my gun doesn't have the safety in front of the trigger, nor the pin above it. Can I just skip that step?

    Is the rest of the disassembly the same? I'm actually stumped by how to take out the take down lever as mine doesn't want to come out. And how does that manual engagement safety lever come out?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    no pin skip the step. should work

    where you stuck?

    remove the slide

    turn the lever to match the line in the polymer receiver

    3rd be gentle in this step dont force it or you will damage
    your slide stop spring or polymer. [-X
    get a flathead screw driver carefully wedge it between the polymer receiver and the lever. pull the lever away may need to twist it left and right a little sometimes to right a little more.
    another way is to take a small tool while the lever is aligned with the line and move tool to inside the frame locate the takedown pin push on the edge of the lever through the hole in the receiver push it to the right. be gentle in this.

    4th. (may want to put the gun in a plastic bag here) [-X
    push the internal lock button in and then pull the receiver up slightly.
    the internal lock is spring loaded to prevent it from turning on or the locking arm/takedown pin from moving freely. when the frame comes out the internal lock may fly along with the spring.
    its been done before #-o

    now put it all together. carefull the pins in the metal frame dont slide out of position. carefull of the slide lock/release it can come off

    which guide you using? Corts?

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    Yes, I'm using Cort's guide. Thanks for the help. I"ll try it again.