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    I'm looking at buying an AUG in the next month. i was just wondering what the difference is between a "regular" AUG and an USR.
  2. The Steyr AUG vs. the Steyr USR.

    As you may or may not know the Gun Control Act of 1968 (hereinafter, GCA) created a restriction against the importation of any firearm that "...is generally recognized as particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes, excluding surplus military firearms." In 1989 former President George Bush Senior issued an executive order that directed the BATF to draw up Federal Administrative rules as to what exactly makes a weapon not "readily adaptable to sporting purposes," in order to enforce the GCA. The executive branch has to fill in the blanks a lot when Congress fails to define something in one of its acts.

    So, the BATF issued "Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Report and Recommendation of the ATF Working Group on the Importability of Certain Semiautomatic Rifles (1989)."

    The most important features the BATFE found distinguishes these semi-auto civilian assault rifles from other semi-auto rifles are the ability to accept:
    1. Large Capacity Magazines;
    2. Bayonets;
    3. Grenade Launchers;
    4. Threaded Barrels;
    5. Pistol Grips;
    6. Folding Stocks;
    7. Night Sights;
    8. Bipods.

    So, it appears that Steyr tried to get around this harsh restriction by coming out with the USR (a move we'd see with many domestic assault rifles after the AWB was put into place.)

    Long story short the USR does have alot of the feature of the AUG except the following:

    - No quick release barrel change knob (can be easily added)

    - Barrel is not threaded for flash suppressors or bayonet lugs.

    - Use of AUG barrels requires modifications to the barrel to be in compliance with BATF regulations (9mm barrel also requires removal of threads).

    - USR thumbhole stocks must be used to be in compliance with BATF.

    It didn't work out too well for Steyr as the BATF also was granted the power through executive order to ban whatever they feels doesn't confirm to their desires. Fair huh? :?

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    wow, i didn't realize just how in depth that act was. Going off topic, is there any places that have reviews of the AUG online? i've been looking and haven't really found anything usefull.
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    Do a google search for "PJ's Steyr AUG", and "Peter Kokalis Soldier of Fortune review of the Steyr AUG". Hope this help, and good luck in your AUG quest......you will NOT be disappointed, trust me.
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    Also, go to "Steyr-AUG.com" (must use the hyphen in between), there's a wealth of info there.