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Did someone here order an HBE DC Special for their Steyr?

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I ordered a DC Special from Eric for my Kahr MK9 and apparently he shipped my holster to someone else and shipped me a black DC Special for a Steyr ... which is odd since I have 2 pistols for this holster :)

Well I contacted him and he was quite apologetic and I'm sending this Steyr holster back and he'll send me my Kahr one when he gets it back.

I was just wondering if someone here ordered the Steyr DC Special and got my Kahr DC Special by mistake.

I figured the odds where pretty good that the person that ordered the holster I was sent would be here.

The black DC special for the Steyr is a real nice holster ... whomever it was made for to will be real happy with it when they get it (makes me look forward to my Kahr holster all that much more).

Now I gotta seriously think about ordering a DC Special for my Steyr :p
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This is not the first time he's done that. He shipped to me another guy's holster and belt and I forwarded it on to the guy in Tenn.

The crazy thing is that the Tenn. guy, sent it back to me thinking I was Eric when he needed some additional work be done. Don't people read notes and return addresses?

I then had to send it to Eric. Eric repaid me for the postage.

I think Eric is very busy and sometimes, he gets addresses 'crossed'. :wink: :
Well.......The Kahr holster is back and on its way......

The DC special I made and shipped is actually for sale, now. The gentleman changed his order a couple of weeks ago before it was done and will be getting another holster. I didnt catch it.....oh well.

Summer vacation ending and 5 kids starting school has me spinning so I do cross mail stuff on occasion. But I always make sure its handled promptly.

The Kahr holster is nice.......anyone want a nice DC IWB for a Steyr?

Shoot well.
Can you post a picture if it is for an M9?
Well the Steyr holster is very nice ... had I know it was going to come up for sale I'd have seriously considered buying it (but its been sent back to Eric ... and while its real nice I don't need it :p ).

Summer vacation ending and 5 kids starting school has me spinning so I do cross mail stuff on occasion. But I always make sure its handled promptly.
Oh I have no complaints about how it was handled ... these things happen and I wasn never concerned that it wouldn't be taken care of and taken care of promptly. :D
My camera is on the blink but heres the style of holster it is.....same color/cant/etc.

Zund......sorry I didnt remember until I got the Kahr holster back.........OOPS.
Shoot well.
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Well its probably for the best that I didn't know the Steyr holster was available ... then I'd have to explain why I was buying yet another holster :p
Ok i'll bite, I'm a sucker for discount second hand holsters (and floor model appliances and open box return electronics, etc...)

P.S> thread moved to holsters section.
FlaChef, thanks for removing this holster from the market :)

I was real close to considering a week on the couch 8O

Its a real nice holster ... I stuck my S40 in it and it held it real tight ... almost a retention holster
(don't worry, I didn't stick the holster in my pants so its still somewhat virginal) :wink:
You know, its the shape of the guns that causes the tightness. Most guns dont have the lines that Steyrs have. They go in very easily but dont want to come out when a good leather holster is new. It will break in....but its always gonna come out sorta hard.
Shoot well.......
If you guys want this me @ [email protected]
Shoot well...
It has arrived!

Well the holster for my Kahr came today and I'm quite pleased :)

Even in its current "unbroken-in" state its much more comfortable then the Don Hume I was using (which came with the gun when I bought it).

Here's the new DC Special for my MK9
(please forgive the quality of the photos as 1. my camera sucks and 2. I have a mild essential tremor that occasionally acts up and today I've been all shakes :( )

(the photo just doesn't do the finish justice)

And here it is photoshoped next to the Don Hume holster ... you can see how rediculously fat the Don Hume is compared to the svelte HBE :D

Anyway, I'm very happy with the holster and would have to highly recommend Eric's work.
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paypal sent. It's mine.

I cam e very close to getting a comptac ctac instead. Not that I doubt the quality of the HBE but i kinda (just a little) prefer the kydex. The adjustability sounds good compared to a a iwb leather I've never tried on to see how it works for me (different holsters for different body types and all).

It only took 4 minutes on the phone w/ comp-tac before I realized I didn't want to deal w/ them. I sent Eric an e-mail 30 secs later.

But if it just doesn't work to conceal for me and my body type and clothing styles I'll offer it back up.
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