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I'm up now.

I ain't happy, but i'm up.

Freakin cold as hell out side.......heck even the dog this morning when I opened the door for her to go out and pee walked to the front door peeked her head out and decided she'd hold it till later. lol

And as I sit here thinking ..."You know today would be the perfect day to go meet 15+ strangers at an IHOP and then take said strangers to go shooting and stand out in the cold with a big long metal-cold-absorbing-gun for multiple hours, all the while saying inside my head *BANG* there goes 30 cents.....*BANG* there goes 30 cents.....*BANG*there goes 30 cents......Counting up to the $200 dollar mark then exclaming to myself that this was an awesome day.

So lets recap:

1. Wake up to get ready at 6:45 for days events.
2. Check temp outside to find its 35 currently and get excited.
3. Build anticipation on meeting 15 possible Luby's shooters.
4. Load tons of precious ammo into car knowing its all about to be gone after working hard late hours to be able to buy it.
5. Stand out in cold all day whilest chatting to luby's shooters and watch in joy as they like you waste their precious money.
6. Hop into car and head home hours later realizing IHOP gave you diahreah and your wallet is empty and car now has half a tank of gas and you only remember 3 out of 15 people cause brain is froze and during putting guns away you notice ammo stash pile is way depleted and as you are cramped over from said meal at resturant you simply........................................................... smile.

Yeah...........Thats the makings of a psychopath right there.

See you all in a lil bit at the resturant. :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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