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DFW Christmas Range trips

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I'll be back in Plano after the 15th of December. Anyone around the DFW area want to get together and go shooting? I just became a member of the Garland outdoor shooting range and find that I like it very much. (

Let me know what you guys think.
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I used to live a stones throw from there....

On Dell Oak Drive.

Good Times.

Hell, Babj, come on down for the holidays! (you wouldn't happen to have an S9 or S40 or perhaps some fun rifles, would you? ;) )
Hell, Babj, come on down for the holidays! (you wouldn't happen to have an S9 or S40 or perhaps some fun rifles, would you? ;) )
Wish I could.....

And, to answer your questions, Yes, Yes, and Yes!!!!

I could probably swing it... I can bring the suppressed M9A1 and MSAR :) If we could get fnewendaiku to show up, that would add a M40A1, M357A1, and S9A1 to the mix :D
Sounds like a damned good idea! I'll start getting things more together after the 15th. I have a friend of mine that has a Glock and a very nice AR15. It will be fun to shoot those next to the Steyr variants.
That sounds like so much fun, a road trip might be in order! I'll keep all y'all posted.:cool:
I could bring out the AR and PTR as well if someone wants to light a few off... Is the 15th the date you want to shoot, or were you gunning for the following weekend? (20/21)?
Right now it's TBD. I suspect that the 20/21st would work better, probably the 21st. My better half works on Sat., and she shouldn't miss out on the fun.
Yeah, the 15th is when I'm heading out to Dallas. It will be a hectic day. That weekend is good. It costs 10 dollars to become a member at the range and 10 dollars to shoot all day. We could make an afternoon out of it and not have to worry about how long we were out there. So yeah, the 21st looks to be the best day. Bring all the weapons you have, no sense in keeping any at home :) Heheh, All I can bring out is my m9a1, but I'll bring the friend with the AR and the glock for comparison. My wife will most certainly want to come. She loves you guys and loves firearms. Wish we could get a Walther PPS for her to shoot. If you guys know anyone that has one.
Hey i'm up for some get together action with the toys. I'll bring the M40-A1 and the M9-A1 and the AR. Would be nice to meet some new peeps. We bringing the wifeys?
I'm bringing mine. I don't have a choice. She finds out I'm playing without her and she'll get mighty ornery...

I'm figuring we can meet up for Brunch or Lunch and head out to the range early afternoon. That'll give us a chance to talk and hang out. Head over to Garland, pay our 10 dollars (if have membership, 20 otherwise) and leisurely shoot all day. They close at 8 pm.

I'll shoot you a pm with my contact info for further plans and what not.
...I am so jealous......

....right in my old back yard.....

...someone pass the salt, please....

Still time to schedule a weekend trip :D ! But we'll take pictures none the less and post them up here.
I think I might join you guys. I'll brig my m357 and colt commander and p226. maybe I'll get my friend to come out with his AK and other toys

where are you guys getting ammo from these days? I'll need to stock up. I have been going out to CTD in ft worth
Honestly, I stock up on 9mm WWB from Walmart. Has best price when compared to Academy and local gun shops. For anything larger (7.62, .223) I honestly don't know.
I hit up Academy for rifle ammo usually... I'm bringing everything I have, but not ammo for a lot of it :p

.380, .38spl, .357mag, 9mm, .40, .45, 12 guage, .223/5.56, and .308/7.62x51
We may have a few guys from XD Talk coming out with us also.
Why do I get the feeling this is going to get out of hand and we're going to end up having way the hell too many people? :p
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