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Davidson's Has New A1 Steyrs

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I just found out that Davidsons has the new M9/40/ 357 A1's in stock:
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Auburn, what kind of prices do you get for the 9 mm in your area?Best I can do in Birmingham is $500.99. I bet I could deal them down to $500 :wink: Anybody out there got local deals that are better? Just trying to figure out what's going on in the Steyr world. $500 seems a lot to pay for a better rail-- and no guarantee of service support.
I've only seen them online in a few places....not in a store. Everyone seems to be around $500, whiwch is probably not surprising for a brand new model. A lot of us got spoiled by the low closeout prices that have been around for awhile on the M and S series. I believe MSRP for the original M series was over $500.
Hey Auburn...when did you attend? An ex of mine attended and was in the marching band. I liked the campus a lot. I attended Penn State, but Auburn is my SEC school of choice for college football...WAR EAGLE!!!
I can sell "A" series all day at $489.00 plus ship

Even found a few NIB 357 models
Just for reference, the MSRP of the original M series is $609
I should have bought a second S9 form Davidson's!!
I saw a M9A1 at a gunn show this weekend...$489.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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