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I was at a gun show a few weeks ago and saw a vendor selling Data Dot Kits and I had never seen these before. The technology and the premis sound good. The kit sold for around $39.00 and you got a container with about 300 or so dots that were mixed with a glue that dries clear, but is luminesant under black light.
You just brush them on and register your personal information into a database with the unique Id number with that kit. And supposedly, the info is only shared on NCIC database and with Insurance agencies, if I understood correctly.

I was just wondering if anyone else has used these and if anyone has actually recovered stolen property with the aid of these DataDots. How do the law enforecment agencies read the dots? Seems like they would have to have a small hand scanner of some type.

They seem ideal for pistols/rifles.

I found a website also:
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