CW9 or XD9 Subcompact ?

Discussion in 'Other Handguns' started by Angel, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Angel

    Angel Guest

    I need a more concealable gun than my Steyr M1. Trying to decide between Kahr CW9 or the Springfield XD9 3 inch subcompact.

    I can get the CW9 for under $400 but it comes with a single mag. By the time I get another mag and holster, the prices are equal. The CW9 is a bit more concealable since it is thinner, but I won't be carrying it on me all the time. The XD is more reliable, can hold more rounds and probably cheaper to get stuff (extra mags, night sites, etc) for. I can use a reliable gun around since my M1 is going back to SAI for the second time around.

    What do you guys think? Anyone have both and can provide side by side photos?


    PS. Please don't say wait for an S1. I like Steyrs but ....
  2. BulletBait

    BulletBait New Member

    XD9 if you don't carry all the time and your body/ dress style doesn't make CCW vary hard.
    As you said, the XD is usually more reliable.

    I don't have to choose between two inferior guns, I've got a S9A1 :p :lol:

  3. babj615

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    Normally I would say "Go with the Khar..." [I have a P9]

    However, My P9, with less than 500 rounds of quality ammo through it began having slide/frame clearance issues and would not cycle properly....

    I contacted Khar, shipped them my firearm overnight, as requested [$55.00 - not covered under warranty] and three weeks later they finally took a look at it....

    Got my Khar P9 back, immediately took it to the range and made it less than 80 rounds before same problem, only worse this time....

    Contact Khar again, Ship again [to their credit, THEY paid this time].... and now, almost 4 weeks later... They haven't even looked at it....

    I no longer have any confidence in my P9, which makes it useless to me...

    Maybe this is normal and I am spoiled by SAI [???] and their most excellent customer service.....

    I dunno....

    But I probably won't be buying any more KHAR's anytime soon....
  4. czgunner

    czgunner New Member

    I have had a CW9 for about 500 rounds, without a hitch.
    The "newer" Kahrs seem to have the reliability issues worked out. My local shop owner said that the last 9-12 months of production Kahrs haven't come back for the typical "Kahr-break-in issues". YMMV
  5. Elbows

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    I'm buying a XD 3" subcompact .40 from a co-worker of mine shortly...I'll be sure to post it. I too need a slightly more concealable gun than my M9A1, or P2000 (the latter being very concealable, BUT is my service weapon, and I prefer to carry non-issue off-duty).
  6. ChillyWilly

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    Aren't Kahrs that old school DAO thats long, heavy and clunky.....I don't know much about kahrs other than what I have read but I can say that the XD subs are nice....