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    I just wanted to brag about the customer service at Steyr Arms in Bessemer, AL. I found a M40 built in 1999, bought as my very first handgun. Being new to the sport and concealed carry I wanted a safe gun, so I really liked the key locking feature.

    When I opened the box I discovered that the key was missing, so I emailed through their web site. I quickly got a response from Jeff and after a short back and forth via email and phone calls I got the key mailed to me.

    So here is the kicker. I received the key and quickly discovered that the lock was chewed into a weird shape, I didn't know what the key looked like until I got it, needless to say the key didn't work.

    I called Jeff and emailed him my issue and within an hour or so I got a response saying: "I will send one out"

    How awesome is that??? They absolutely ROCK at Steyr.

    Thank you
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    Great to hear your story. Thanks!

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    Greetings From Richmond/Rosenberg, TX

    Thanks for that report. I am contemplating a second firearm purchase for 2014 Steyr and the M40-A1 is on that list.