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Steyr GB fans and collectors.
Part of my firearms collection include 21 Steyr GBs, different variations.

And, if you remember, IGB-Barrel-Technology Austria offer replacement barrels for the GB.
But they offer not only stock length (136 mm), but also 6-inch (154 mm) barrels. All available in 9 mm Luger, 9 mm x 21 (Italy) and also in .30 Luger (7,65 mm Parabellum).

And because I am not only a GB fan, I also like "Long Toms" like the Arty Luger Pistol (I am 6 feet 6 and 280 lbs - big guy need big guns), I had customized some of my GBs with special order IGB-Barrels. One in 172 mm lenght and 2 in 191 mm length.
But because of the bonger barrels will portrude far outside the slide, I had modified some of my factory sompensators using them now as barrel protection. Modification is easy. Just drill out the compensator muzzle screw so far to allow the barrel passing throu.
The 191 mm GBs are my Anti-Zombie-Pistols (Zombie-Green-Grip-Sleeve) or Anti-AllahUAckbar-Pistols. I have not tried them out, but if the renovation of my local gun club is over, I give them a try. Also these special GBs look a little bit like Space Guns of the 1950s / 1960s.

On my wishlist / to do list is a second 172 mm barrel, a 154 mm barrel in 9 mm Luger and maybe one 154 mm in .30 Luger (just for fun or beeing extra ordinary).

Pictures included.


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