Custom GB Part II

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    Hi folks,

    I have includes some pictures of another customized STEYR GB.
    1.) The gun is plated complete with crome or nickel.
    2.) The factory sights had been replaced by a Millett Front & Rear Sight.
    3.) The factory trigger guard had been replaced by a special steel, well done piece adding extra weight, with a fingerhook and an extended magazine release. The new trigger guard is screwed on the frame, screws inside the frame. Old trigger guard still kept as a reserve.
    4.) Also all 4 magazines for the GB had been modified to hold one more round (19 vs. 18).
    5.) Also in the right grip plate are 2 extra holes to hold an special mount for an red dot sight.
    6.) The gun has the "lead barrel" with 6 vs 2 gas brake holes.

    I made the pictures 20 years ago, but found only the b/w paper prints.
    The gun is owned by a fellow collector, 10 years older and he will sell the guns of his collection (900 +) during the next 2 years. Maybe I will get the chance to buy this GB. And make some new pictures.

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    Very cool!

    Can you tell me anything about the "lead barrel" in particular? I purchased one on an auction site soon after buying my GB because I could tell it was not a normal barrel but I can find zero information on it anywhere besides you mentioning it in a couple of your posts here. I also sent you a direct message about it.