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Custom CZ 40P

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I thought you guys might like this.

A couple of months ago I got the wild idea to customize a CZ 40P. My CZ 40P was very accurate out of the box. I shot some fantastic groups with it the first time out.

When I first got the gun I put in one of my custom guide rods and bushings, added a 20 pound Wolff spring. I still wanted more so.............

I decided to go with some XS night sights. The regular dot. I ordered those, and then after having seen some Custom Novak stippling work, I decided to try and replicate it. So one night BIL and I spent two hours beating on the top of the slide with a hammer and a file. I know that sounds crazy, but according to some sources, that is how Novak does thier stippling. It turned out OK. I did learn that if I ever do it again, I will need to go much deeper in to the metal to get the effect I was looking for.

Next step was to send the gun to Accurate Plating and Weaponry for an action/trigger job and hard chrome. The trigger came out great. The double action is light and smooth, and the single action is the best I have felt in a DA/SA CZ pistol. I am very happy with the trigger work. The hard chrome is nice. There are a few small spots that I would have liked them to pay closer attention to detail on.

I can't wait to get out and shoot it. I hope that with these XS sights I can still get it to group like it did before.

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Verrrry nice!

I have a CZ-40B.....I'm comtemplating sending it to Novak's myself.

What do you think AP&W needed to pay attention to? Curious.

I'm about 25 minutes away from their shop...they opened up the rear sight of my Star PD and did a function check of the gun.

Enjoy the CZ!
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