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cushy grips

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Anybody else tried a soft rubber grip sleeve on their Steyr? I had one for a while... made it more comfy than it was before, but I took it off after the last trip to the range. General trend seemed to be that I was shooting a little low and to the left, which one of those diagnostic target things said was probably a result of squeezing the grip with the rest of the fingers while pulling the trigger. I'm thinking that might be a byproduct of the cushy grip, since I wasn't doing that with my Browning Buckmark .22, which had stiffer grips and a gentler feel (so less need to 'hang on' I suppose).

Haven't been back to the range yet to test this theory (too poor), but anybody else tried putting aftermarket grip options on their M or S series?

Shame you can't just swap them out, the way you could with a 1911 or Beretta or something.

Not worth the extra couple hundred to upgrade to the MA1 grip though.
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I have them on both of my Steyrs and really like the improved feel.
Low left is also frequently trigger finger placement. You want the pad of your finger in contact w/ trigger, not tip or joint.

I like my houge handall because it fills my palm a little better, but I dislike the spacing of the finger grooves. I've taken it off and put it back on a number of times, it slips around a bit now from being removed and installed too many times.
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