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Current Price for AUG's and USR's

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I'm dying to get get an AUG or USR ( have been for a few years) and I was wondering where the prices are currently. I ask because I haven't been able to find a stable price difference between AUG's (which seem to start around $3000) and USR's (which seemed to start around $2500).

I know USR's are not true AUG's, but there are less of them in the country, so is that why the prices are so high, or is there a better reason?

I'd like to get an AUG as soon as my health clears up and some of my medical bills go away (whenever the hell that wil be...) but I don't quite know if I will be able to drop more than three thousand for one (assuming the longer I wait the more expensive they will get).
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Unfortunately, my friend, I really do not see the AUG dropping below 3g's. Maybe you could score a very, very well used green AUG for a little below three, but due to the rarity, modularity, and cool-factor (for lack of a better term), it will always command a premium. Since you already state that you really want one, this, in and of itself, should give you more insentive to snap one up, because should you ever decide to, or need to, sell it, you'll almost always get your money back.......if not make a profit! I say go for it, as long as it's the right AUG (matching numbers if that means anything to you), unadulterated (original, uncut barrel- which means knowing where the threads belong on a black versus a green AUG, etc.), etc., etc. Good luck with your choice. I sincerely doubt you would regret it if you got one. And like I said, you can always dump it for maybe more than you paid down the road.
I gotta address the "USRs are not true AUGs" statement - If you don't mind, I'd like to walk the differences, and that should explain the pricing on the USR.

The USR comes with a thumbhole stock, a barrel without a flashhider, and no "quick release" button for barrel swap. The quick release button is a cheap part, and a quick and legal upgrade. The rest you want to keep as is, so as to avoid unecessary ATF grief. With the exception of the flash hider, all USR differences are cosmetic.

Minus the 3 differences above, the USR is pretty much a full-on AUG...even better, it's an AUG A2, with the newer roller bolt, folding cocking handle, improved firing pin, and the removable optics. It's just as reliable, and just as functional.

For me, when shopping around, it simply didn't make sense to pay a couple of thousand extra for an older version green AUG when the USR in A2 configuration was available NIB for just around 2200. If you are buying for investment purposes, however, it's another story, and I would recommend an AUG. I'm in it for fun, though, and even after a few hundred rounds, I don't think my USR has deprecated. Overall, I understand the cool factor associated with the black and green AUGS...I love them! However, in this case, a few grand was a little too much to pay for that cool factor.

I agree that you can find a well-used greenie in the upper 2,000 range, but the price jumps a lot once you get to the A2 version.

When you add up all of the improvements, I think you can see why the USR is so expensive....and even then, I think it's a fantastic deal.

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Thanks for the info Jeeves.

I'm leaning more and more towards just going ahead and saving up for an AUG or USR than just waiting for the potential of a new civilian AUG which may end up turning out as Vaporware.
I'm honestly more interested in an earlier AUG. I'd take the A2 or even an A1 over the A3. Just my preference. I'd be saving for one right now but it's pretty far down on my list at this point.
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