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cross breed holster

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received my cross breed holster last week.

fairly straight forward and simple is the best terms to describe this holster.

sob (small of back) position seems to be the most comfortable place for me to ccw.

though the weapon to holster fit is probably acceptable i would like a more positive click when holstering the weapon. the click would also provide a snugger grip on the weapon too. though holding it upside down the weapon doesn't fall out , but don't shake or it will. i'm not looking at any fast draw situations. hold down rivets are flush and there's no rubbing against flesh.

i'd give it 8 outa 10. still feel a snugger grip on the weapon is needed. $40.00 postage paid , cost $2.31 to mail from colorado. u.s. mail for two holsters! yes they're light!
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