Crimson Trace lasers

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    Write to these folks to let them know how many people want laser grips for the Steyrs.
    I have a set for my Ruger P-89 and will tesitify at the next revival!
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    Due to the polymer frame and no replaceable grips, this will not be easy.
    They are just now coming out with a design for Glocks, which doesn't look that great.

    Kinda doubt a Steyr will even be considered.

    A better option would be the development of a replacement guide rod laser or just buy a rail mounted.

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    onefastseven I checked out that new CT system for Glocks. Boy is that ugly looking. They better sell that one pretty cheap because I don't know anyone that woul want that on their gun. The lasermax is the best option for Glocks in my opinion.
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    I've seen both, used the grips

    I'll take the grip laser any time.
    It's hard to imagine anything making a Glock any uglier. :lol:
    Why not just tape a hammer to the rail mount. It'll be just as effective as that junk hanging on the end...... :wink:
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    Well, as ugly as they are, I'm sure they will sell. Sad to say, but a lot of Glock guys (not all!!) would put a kitchen blender on the thing if one was made!
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    Why not just get the rail adapter and mount a Streamlight M6 or M6X? Light and laser in one...granted, it's bulkier than grips, but it wouldn't be as ugly!
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    Don't hold your breath. Looks at their forums and you'll find many requests for grips made for pistols far more popular than the Steyrs and they answer with "Sorry, but there's just not enough demand."
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    kony, the demand is there, its just that noone wants to pay 300.00 for a laser, that at best is a cosmetic Bling thing.. most laser are not dead accurate. especially the rail lasers.
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    If you had one, you might feel differently

    My P-89 was always accurate, but now it is in a different league. The ruggedness of the unit is almost as good as the pistol and in a tactical situation, I'll take the laser almost very time. It adds a new dimension to self-defense. You can keep the rails and the bulky, heavy hardware hanging off them. They have a few cosmetic issues, but they'll solve them soon.
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    Demand is a relative thing. Steyr community is growing but we've got a couple things going against us in terms of getting Crimson Trace laser grips. 1) We do not have removable grips and 2) while growing, our community is still relatively small. Look at how long it took to get these things made for the Glock! Thus, unless we can figure out a way to adapt the Glock grips to fit the Steyr (not likely), we will likely never get them.

    In terms of price, the grips can usually be had under $200 at lots of places online. At that price, I would consider them. One benefit of the grips is that they allow you to improve your grip and trigger pull by giving you instant feedback on extranrous movement.
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    You hit the nail on the head.....

    If only as a training aid, the laser sights are great at showing you exactly where your muzzle movement is or isn't!
    When you learn to drop the weapon a little out of the line of sight you normally use to acquire the traditional sight picture, you start to realize how much more you get to see with binocular vision and how your depth perception is unaffected.
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    I wrote them when the glock lasers were first being advertised.
    no luck obviously as they are not out yet :x
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    NO thanks. I will take a rail mounted version instead.