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Discussion in 'AUG, MSAR' started by wollygong, May 5, 2013.

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    Now that the gun legislation is temporarily over until obama and his cronies come back at us again with it thinking that this is the holy grail of controlling violence we can start purchasing firearms again. I was at the NRA Rally in Houston on Saturday and stopped by Steyr's booth. They had an AUG on display and the exhibitor showed me how it breaks down. I am now in love with the AUG and was wondering how many different models of this gun are available? Does anyone have a favorite? What about different barrel lengths? What is the longest barrel available and is there any hint of Steyr making it in different calibers? Any input would greatly be appreciated. I am in the market for a new AUG and want to make the best choice I can.

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    I worked the show on Friday and also dropped by the booth. I love the fcg! I believe the longest barrel available is 24". I'm not sure when, but SteyrArms expects to build some 20 and 24" barreled weapons this year.

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    I prefer the standard A3, and changed the rail to the 2020 precision version which you can get at Ratworx site. It is longer, so you can use back up flip sights (open). The CQ version looks neat, but really just looks like extra weight and an elongated flash hider which precludes getting a suppressor. Barrels are now available in 1 in 7 twist as well as 20 inch. Mine does fine with 1 in 9 and I have no plan to upgrade.