Conversion M40 to a M9

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  1. I have a m40 and about to order a new threaded barrel and compensator. Thnking of ordering it in a 9mm to have two guns in one. Am I right to think I only need the barrel, 15rd magazines and maybe change out the spring?
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    yes you are.

    however, be sure you tell igb or whoever you're getting the barrel from that you have an m40 and need a 9mm conversion barrel.

    the hole in the slide on the dedicated 9mm is smaller as is the OD of the 9mm barrel.

    igb does make a 9mm barrel with an OD designed to fit the slide of the m40.

    no need for a new recoil spring. the springs are the same regardless of caliber.

    the ejectors are the same. initially the extractors were also the same. there have been a few updated extractors and i'm not sure if steyr is currently offering a dedicated 9mm extractor.

    a call to SAI could clear this concern up. i suspect the extractor is still modular in nature.

    then you just need 9mm mags!!

    good luck.

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    hi there bigtaco,
    i was meaning to buy a threaded barrel for my new m9-a1 , i'm from the philippines and finally know how, can you please give me the e-mail address of SAI or any makers of steyr threaded barrels, much appriciated, just e-mail me at [email protected], thank you very much and take care always
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    obviously i have no idea about importing things from austria to the phillipines, but i suspect that igb does :wink:
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    That kit should work just fine for either "generation" - M or M-A1.