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    I just thought you guys might be interested to know who Steyr is working with in the US. I also mentioned the in my response .

    My response below.

    Thank You for your prompt response.

    If you get a chance check out thats were I got my info before I made my purchase. We could use some support!

    On Feb 3, 2006, at 9:42 AM, Jack Riddle wrote:

    You are right! We show a cleaning kit, but it is not available in the
    US yet...
    We are working with De Santis Holster and Leather Company and should
    have a holster, either synthetic material or leather, soon. Magazines
    we got!!!
    Catalog is on the way.
    Thanks for the feed back,
    Jack Riddle

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    I checked the web site, it lists sights, holsters, mags and a
    kit. In the law enforcement section.

    Do you have current STEYR handgun catalogs? If so can you send

    By the way thanks for your response.
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    Sweet, nice to know they have the catalogs now, I spoke with Mr. Riddle about two months ago, and got a LEO key and warrenty card from him withen the week of contacting him. He seems to be a very "johnny on the spot" employee!

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    Ive been using a desantis holster for about a year now.. Good stuff.. :) the one i use was designed for the xd sub compact but suits the s40 pretty well.

    good to see support coming of age.. now lets convince them to get distributors in the local gunshows and we/they will be set..
  4. Mr. Riddle sounds like the go-to-guy over there, I hope the higher ups know that and if they don't we should tell them. :D
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    Moved to Industry section...........................BTW
    I like Galco better. had a bad experience with Desantis
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    Cleaning kit

    Saw one of those cleaning kits on eBay about a year ago....not sure where it came in from but i bid on outbid....oh well.

    Off to the gun show $700 in the gun fund (the wife got her china cabinet....i get me a gun ....or two....) many options...

    a M9a1 may be calling my name if i can find one.......otherwise i am in the mood for a ruger p95 with rail......and.....a 10/22....gotta build me a bullpup.....those who aint seen them....chekc out dixie consolidated bullpups.....sweet.....gotta make one..... cool...

    alternatively....i am looking for a 10/22 international of any stock an a sucker for a mannlicher stock.....have the MKII 30.06 International....for my money the most atractive weapon i will likely ever own....

    should i be ready to leave with nothing else....i'm gonna find me a hi-point 9mm carbine....i have heard nothing but good things about these for the money......will name it WolfEater....since i got wolf ammo to blow....

    later all...
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    success!!!!.....10/22 international , stainless with gray laminated stock...Like new...with simmons 3-9x scope....very happy with my find!....
  8.'re a lucky dog Ranger. :D