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Concealed carry in Washington State

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A heads-up for handgunners in WA State.

I am a city council member of a 60,000 pop city. Recently, there was an attempt to prohibit firearms carry in city parks. In researching the issue, I discovered there is a State preemption law (RCW 9.41.290) which prohibits cities, towns, counties and other municipalities from writing laws that are more restrictive than state laws. In other words, if the State says it is legal, a city cannot say that it is illegal. Carrying guns in parks is allowed under WA State law (RCW 9.41.300).

The city argued that they had an incident where someone threatened someone else with a gun in a park, so guns should be banned. I argued that it is already illegal to threaten someone with a gun; we don't need to limit law-abiding citizens because of the actions of a stupid jerk. After several days of negotiatiing and lobbying, including getting one of the largest gun organizations in the country involved, we re-wrote the law to allow legal carry in city parks.

In spite of a clearly written State law, a couple of municipalities in the State still have more restrictive laws than the State allows. Those laws only continue because no one has challenged them.

If you live in WA State, you may want to read the rules posted at your park entrances to see whether legal carry of firearms is restricted. I have discovered such a case on a cross-country bike trail, which I will be challenging shortly.

If you want information (i.e., State website with appropriate code information), PM me.

They win only if we quit. Persistence counts.

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Good to hear a story about the good guys winning for once. :D Keep up the good work DocChronos!
A few days ago I came across a dvd copy of "The Great Un Gun debate" between Wayne Lapierre and Rebecca Peters conducted from the Library of King's College in London lying around and had not actually watched it. So I put it in and was wowwed. I thought Wayne did a fair job of shedding the light on IANSA and their paradigms of a utopian society with no means of defending itself against the "bad guys" or an oppressive government. I have no doubts about IANSA and the United Nations and their enthusiasm about being able to have a say (dictate) about our Right to Defend ourself, but this makes me wonder about our own ability to discern what is prudent, rational thought when it comes to legislating laws that do more harm and actually impair our Second Ammendment Rights. I will say I was energized enuf to send another small check to NRA-ILA, and it scares the _ _ ll out of me to think that they actually want to do this, but it scares me more that People here would help them do it.

I was watching a Fox News update on the Iserel/Lebenon conflict a couple of nights ago and heard a reporter talking about different Lebonese people were talking about their in-ability to stop Hezbula because they had no weapons to use against them and I thought to myself; I hear no meaningful media coverage of that report. I guess that one slipped by the editor's desk. Heres a piece of ammo NRA, right off the news itself. No guns in the hands of ordinary, "law abiding", citizens, this should be a peaceful happy place, bar all the other dynamics at play. (Its not the USA)

I don't mean to rant, but I am particularly proud of Doc and his efforts and Heartens me to be more A-lert and be more involved with elected officials and what goes on locally.

Good job Doc!!! :D

Bigtaco had an interesting read in this Forum in the topic of CCW rights and responsibilities: ... pic&t=1282
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