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Comptac for S-series

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Anyway thought you guys might be interested that CompTac will make a holster for the S-series! (They may do others I am not sure).

There is a surcharge for "custom" of $15 and they say that it "isn't pretty" but it is a CompTac.

Incidentally, in case you couldn't tell I think very highly of CompTac and have several of their holsters. I don't have one for a Steyr yet (deciding whether to keep my last one a safe-queen), but all the products I have ordered have arrived within a week.

(nope, not affiliated in any way with them)
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Comp-Tac has a deactivated M series gun they can use as a mold ( I gave it to them).

They do the work by hand instead of using the molds they have for other guns.

They are good folks and make a great product.
I'm real eager to see this one. I went with a Blade-Tech UCH for my M9A1, and I swear if I ever need/want another holster for her I'm going to contact Comp-Tac. Their products are excellent! Keep us posted.
Guys, be aware that Comp-Tac Steyr holsters are a bit less refined than the normal line.

Comp-Tac has a manufacturing method that works for them.
first the pattern is cut
then the kydex is heated and wrapped around a steel blank that is CNC machined to the same dimensions as the gun including the various lines and curves. It also has the sight track machined to it. Once that is done the holster is drilled and screws attached, then edges are finished. This gives a holster that has a look like a fine hand boned leather holster.

The cost of the CNC blanks is very high as there are a few "changes" they have done to allow different styles of holsters to be made but yet keep the exact shape of the gun. Since they don't have the volume for the Steyr to justify making one of these expensive blanks they make the holster pretty much by hand after starting out with a basic holster for another model gun. It is time consuming and harder to do than the standard production holsters they make. The fit on my Comp-Tac paddle is perfect.

BTW Comp-Tac #2 magazine pouches fit the Steyr perfectly.
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Any chance we could get a pic?

Much obliged!
I don't own a digicam.
I'll try to scan them in a few days.
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