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Compressed Air Fan

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I am a big fan of compressed solvent and drying by means of an air compressor. Without disassembling the internals and using my favorite Hoppe's, I now can get all the hard to reach places with a few blasts from a spray solvent, then completely dry everything with my air gun.

I clean my handguns after every use....consequencely I am of the opinion that a particular type of solvent, oil, etc. is less important in that case.
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Nice Tip, never thought of using compressed air. I've heard about firearms manufacturers using compressed air to do a quick cleaning when doing stress tests and firing 1,000 of rounds.

Have you done a complete disassembly to confirm that the you are cleaning the hard to reach areas?

I have not completely disassembled the guns I have been cleaning with air since I have been doing this. However, it is very apparent, particularly on the insides of the slides and firing pin holes that those areas are "slicker than a whistle" after you blow them out!

The only thing better than that (I suppose) would be to use your bristle brush on everything, then use the compressor to blow that away! But, I am too lazy to doing that.
This is an interesting concept.

What sort of compressed air do you use? compressor / tank (ie for air tools) or would a can of air (like for computer keyboards) do the trick?

I'm still doing things the old way with Hoppe's and rags and brushes, but there's always cleaning lint, and areas where the hoppe's gets sucked into that would be well served by a blast of compressed air.

I just switced to an air compressor and it was a good decsion. No more expensive cans of compressed air. I got mine off of Ebay for fifty bucks. I also now use Cylinder and Slides "Dunk-It" for polymer guns. The result is quicker cleaning. Plus I am cleaner as a result too.
as an aside and along the same lines, drying your freshly washed car with air is faster and easier than using a towel.

zero chance of scratching, zero water spots and no laundry!!
I use cans of compressed air, pretty cheap at Wally World in the computer section. I'm sure a genuine air compressor is cheaper in the long run, but picking up a can every now and then is cheaper in the short run.

And if I may quote that eminent economist, the late John Kenneth Galbraith, "In the long run, we all die."

As ancient as I am, I'd probably never get my money back out of an air compressor. I'm getting closer and closer to the point where I probably shouldn't be buying any green bananas. :mrgreen:
buying one just for cleaning guns would be kind of silly.

but like anything else, just accessorise the pooop out of it!!!

once you have an air wrench, an impact ratchet, and a brad nailer you'll find you really need some devillbis spray guns, a framing nailer and a roofing nailer.

pretty soon you'll be able to build a house or tear a car to it's frame in no time.

and it's at this moment that you'll realize... you really don't want to.

knowing that... canned air is the bargain of the century.
BT, this is one time where I don't agree with you. I think buying a small air compressor (in my case it cost me a whopping 50 bucks at Ebay) for just cleaning guns IS a good idea if you shoot a lot. It has more "oomph" than canned air and if you add up the cost to replace canned air say over a few years, it adds up - a small compressor takes up little space and it does a helluva job blowing out the crud in my gun - plus you have the option of adjusting the output - from typhoon to balmy.
Air compressiors are cheap these days and are handy for all kinds of blow out work, not just guns......

Plus, over you add guns it quickly becomes apparent that with more cleaning, the handier that little air compressor is.....period.

It reallly doesn't matter if you get a small oiless or oil type....both work fine.

Just watch for the small air compressor sales.

For gun work, I wouldn't be without one.

Compressed air is a great way to clean guns. Here in Florida the boaters use a lubricant/anti-rust called TC 11.
It comes in a pencil-needle applicator or compressed spray and it really is great in preventing rust compared to regular oils. It can be had at Ace hardware stores. I carry the pencil in the range kit. I've been using the compressed air with a needle point to shove into those small areas for years, specially with those guns that you have to punch pins on to dissasemble, like Sigs, Berettas. I've been using the water based cleaner M Pro 7 for over a year now and was concerned about corrosion, but it seems to be OK, no rest found on Glocks, Sigs, Steyrs......... :beer: Compressor JUST FOR GUNS??? Of course....... :clap:
i might have to look into buying a small air compressor.
air compressors are awesome. I bought one a couple years ago from Harbor Freight for like $99 or something to be used with air tools for the car...I'm not gonna lie, I don't use it much at all...more for keeping air pressure in the tires right than anything else. I think thats def. the way to can even use it to clean out your keyboard! lol I did. and I will definitely be using it next time I clean my guns...I didn't even think about it before...

Netfotoj: You're never to old to buy a compressor. Get a good one that your son will enjoy for many years to come!

bigtaco: Yes, compressed air works well for getting the water out of the tight spots...but usually, the stream is too small to be efficient to dry the entire vehicle. Grab a small, cheap leaf blower from somewhere and it will cut your drying via air time by quite a bit, I'm sure.
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