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Complaint retraction - My M9 is JUST FINE AGAIN!

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Hi folks,

I have to formally print a retraction for the problems I reported with my M9 in recent posts. I have come to the conclusion it was operator error in the form of dereliction of cleaning duties.

Readers may recall that my M9 was failing to extract (FTE) on nearly every magazine a couple of weeks ago at a local IDPA match and I thought that the extractor had broken and was the cause of the malfunctions.

I am sorry to say that only yesterday did I remove the extractor fully from the slide. I didn't do this earlier because it moved through its range of motion OK under finger pressure so I thought it was moving normally and something else had gone wrong with it, i.e. the claw had sheared or something similar requiring replacement parts which as we know are nearly impossible to obtain at the moment (and a legitimate gripe).

Anyway, when I removed the extractor I found a film of gunk (lube/carbon/fouling mix) underneath the extractor that had somehow accumulated over 350-450 rounds between cleanings. I hadn't seen the extractor that dirty since I first removed it, and I think it was even dirtier now. I wish I had taken macro pictures to share.

I cleaned it off, and used a Q-tip with solvent to swab the extractor hole and mating surfaces in the slide until it was clean. I cleaned the rest of the gun and shot it today at a local "Practical Pistol" match - a cross between IPSC production and IDPA, more towards IPSC with high round counts using full-capacity magazines - about 170 rounds today in 6 stages with LOTS of steel and no-shoots. The result? 1st OVERALL (12 seconds clear of the next shooter - a master IDPA/IPSC A competitor)

Needless to say I'm overjoyed that my M9 is back to full working order, and even more sad for member Mtobias who is still having problems with her new out-of-the-box M9 (which is failing to reset consistently - it even happened to me when I tried it so I believe her gun actually IS defective).

To recap, the gun was dirty (~400 rounds) and being fed Remington UMC (a mix of 250-Round Mega-pack and 50-rd UMC Green Box from Wally-World) when I experienced the consistent FTE problems. I am convinced that UMC Green Box is a no go in my Steyrs, and others have reported similar experiences here. Today's flawless functioning was achieved after a thorough cleaning of the extractor's grimy surfaces and using WWB 115 100-rd value packs also from the mighty Walton family chain.

I have actually shot my M9 before with about 1,000 rounds between cleanings, mostly with Lancer Custom Ammo's Competition 9mm and WWB and experienced no problems. I do wish that Steyrs were less finnicky with maintenance and ammo brands (like a Glock), but that is the price of excellence I guess.

I also got to shoot a CZ 75 SA (Single Action Only) after the match today and found that I still prefer the Steyr. The grip angle and super-low bore axis make my Steyr feel quicker on shot recovery than the CZ which outweighs it by a good 8 ounces or so.

So now that normal service has returned, I can only hope that IDPASteyr can convince the home office to come out with a dedicated Steyr compeition pistol, a la Glock 34 and XD Tactical. In the meantime I'll keep rockin' on with the M9. Yippee!

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Incredibly good news.
If it can be determined what is causing Mtobias's problems we will be on the way to Steyr nirvana.
Do you think a different type of lube around the extractor area is good regiment? Dry lube maybe? Sentry Solution stuff seem pretty good for this. I confess I have puts rounds thru my SIGs, XDs, 1911, and I don't clean the extractors religiously, they do not require as much TLC.

What gives?
The CZ does torgue alot, my XD SC shoots better than my P01 and BD.
Jeff, Good news and I'm glad you have returned to the Steyr fold. Next step is to work with mtobias to get hers working again and I think that can be done.

mtobias, call me or PM me and let's get this thing fixed.
pittwm said:
Do you think a different type of lube around the extractor area is good regiment? Dry lube maybe? Sentry Solution stuff seem pretty good for this. I confess I have puts rounds thru my SIGs, XDs, 1911, and I don't clean the extractors religiously, they do not require as much TLC.

What gives?
I used to use a Q-Tip to put a thin film of Tetra Gun Grease on the surfaces of the extractor that contacted the slide as it moved. However, now I believe all that does is attract fouling. When I put it back together this weekend before the match I left it bone dry and it worked perfectly - although I only have 170 rounds through it.

I agree that the Steyr is more sensitive to cleaning than most "combat" handguns. I look it at like my AR vs. other assault rifles - a superior weapon platform in ergonomics and performance with a few minor niggles that I hope get ironed out in future generations (like the new C.R.O.S. gas system).

IDPASteyr - thanks again for all the help you've given Mtobias, that was above and beyond the call of duty!

I have never lubed or oiled the firing pin, extractor or any internals. I have also never encountered any problems with FTF or FTE, just did a good initial cleaning and lube the slide rails, oil barrel and inside of slide and sear area. I do not think it is wise to put oil or anything for that matter on the firing pin or extractor. I clean them with Rem oil or G-96 but wipe dry.
Awesome news Jeff!

Outstanding job during the match!!! Congrats on the win!!!

A 5" barreled Steyr to compete against the Glock and Springfield guns would be sweet....I don't see myself purchasing an Steyr "M" A1 series gun, but I'd be beating a path to my FFL dealer to get a 5" barreled Steyr (or a revamped "S" A1 series).
Glad to hear that you're back on board the Steyr Victory Bus.

I use Blazer Brass FMJ in .165 gr. for target practice and have never had a problem save the initial brass in the face period that gave out after 500 rounds. My extractor is cleaned about every 200 rounds, I would clean it more, but its a pain to take out and clean for me. I whip the extractor down until its bone dry and that has worked well for me so far (knock on wood).

I was just wondering have people with M9s experienced more difficulty than those with the M40 models? I see alot of M9 problems on this board, but not really alot of M40 problems. Is it that 9mm is cheap so people with M9s are going to the range more often and firing more rounds?
Thankfully, my primary M9 (I have two) is trouble free....only one FTE since I've owned it, and I'm the second owner of the gun.
Both my Steyrs seem to dislike Remington UMC intensely. I bought two 250 round "value packs" of Remington UMC at Wal-Mart recently (one box of 9mm and one box of .40 S&W) and had nothing but failures to extract/eject.

I have never had any problems with WWB, and I'll be trying Blazer Aluminum pretty soon.
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