Comfortbale IWB Holster for M9

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Zhukov, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Zhukov

    Zhukov New Member

    I'm looking for a good concealed carry holster that is comfortable and provides good concealment. I see many different kinds in the sticky, but there are few reviews for these. I mostly wear shorts/Tshirts here in Texas.

    Any feedback appreciated.

  2. bigtaco

    bigtaco Active Member

    big fan of the c-tac made by comp-tac, as are many of us here. it's kydex, the design makes the cant very stable, it doesn't tilt back and forth on it's own. since the clips are for and aft, you don't have a clip adding to the width of the handgun/holster combo, which i really like due to my 3 o'clock preference.

    if you like it but want leather, look for a versamax 2 by milt sparks.

    people seem to have good things to say about fist holsters and hbe.

    fist makes some super thin kydex holsters.

    don't worry, you'll hear from others!!!
  3. yugo308guy

    yugo308guy Member

    I'm with Bigtaco, except I like the Comp-Tac Ghurka. I really thought that Kydex would be uncomfortable, but I was wrong. I can barely tell it's on.
  4. Zhukov

    Zhukov New Member

    Thanks for the repy guys. I ended up doing some research and I'm gonna give the "Smartcarry" a try.

    I may also pick up a KelTec P3AT as a pocket gun if I can get one cheap at the gunshow.
  5. WorldPax

    WorldPax Guest

    Just today I recieved my High-Noon Bare Asset IWB hoster after ordering it on the 14th, good service! I'm going to wear it a couple days before a full review and pics, but I can say so far so good, and for $25 a good deal too!
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    what do ya think?

    Was also thinking of getting the Bare Asset.......will be interested in the pics and your review.

    Will also be considering a the Split Decision and FISTS competing model.
  7. Zhukov

    Zhukov New Member

    I've been using the SmartCarry for a couple of months now and really like it. I also picked up a Keltec P3AT and it fits in the holster even though the holster is meant for a longer barrel. Very comforatble holster - works well with shorts/Tshirts. I've found two positions to be the most comfy: On your right hip or right over your crotch - it kind of depends on how baggy your pants are and which gun. The P3AT is universally better suited for hip carry.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Smart Carry

    I made my own version of the Smart Carry or Thunder Wear if you will. I made it so that it would fit my XD 40 snuggly. Not too snug so that it would snag on the draw. It gets a little getting used to but, overall I have worn it to all of my outings with the family and it was quite comfortable. Summer will be here soon and I will be using the holster more often.

    You might want to go up one size on your pants/jeans or get loose fitting type clothes. Make sure to practice your draw, with weapon unloaded of course, at first. The only problem I find is trying to re-holster your weapon. You have to use two hands; one to pull pants away, the other to re-holster.