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Combat Handguns Feb 2005

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I was asked to post this article. I hope this works, I know it needs to be rotated as it was scanned upside down.
page 1 ... lder=inbox
page 2 ... lder=inbox
page 3 ... lder=inbox
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This is what we get when we go to those links

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I'll try and get it fixed. I should have it fixed by 8/17/05. Interesting article and good review. Article said that the S series are not going to be carried over.
another option

somewhere in the archives here, i have posted an abstracted version ot that article, probably from about 2-3 months back.... it is ... ight=#4590

something to tide you over until the real version is up....hope you are not inviting copyright problems....

OK, I have e-mailed the scanned doc to myself however that is what I posted last time. Is there anyway to copy a PDF from my e-mail to get it to post here? I have 3 e-mails that are all 3 pages of the article that I scanned. Any help would be appreciated.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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