Clinger Holsters makes a great Kydex IWB for Steyr.

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    Clinger Holsters (dot com) has geared-up for Steyr M9-01, and it fits the M9 perfectly too. It has quality Kydex in two IWB styles, a single central nylon clip or a twin steel spread clip styles, both fully adjustable for cant and height, AND it is ambidextrous so you can order it either way and change it when you like. It has a sealed bottom so nothing can bump your muzzle up, and retention around the trigger guard is very good and can be adjusted for tightness---it gives a comforting "click" going in and out. Note that the magazine release button is well covered, and the sight channel is very roomy and prevents dragging, adding strength to the form. Extra screws and rubber tension washers are included for everything. It is very reasonably priced and delivery is fast and accurate, plus they have holiday sales of 10% or more off, which they announce to all who are on their email list. Their website is well illustrated and searchable for gun model, with demo videos too. Also offered for all their holsters is a backside comfort cushion you attach to suit with super-stickies or remove when you like. These are offered for a big discount if you buy both at the same time---and I think you will be happy. I now have three Clinger Holsters for different guns!......................elsullo
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