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Cleaning Firing Pin Channel

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I've read all the tutorials and couldn't find a description or pictures re: removing the firing pin and cleaning the channel.

My M9 has run really well and for the sake of maintenance and reliability, I'd like to open 'er up and clean the firing pin and channel.

Anyone have any pics or a brief description of 'how-to do it the correct way'?

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Geez, twenty one views, no replies.

This must be an easy thing to do and that's why no one bothered to reply! :wink:

I was just trying to make sure before I did it...that's why I asked.
This subject has been covered, I don't know exactly where to find it.........but I know I've replied to it and bigtaco wrote more eloquently on the process...........check through the forums a bit more.......... :)
There's a sticky in the maintenance section that I just saw. It escaped my oversight when I was looking in the tutorials.
Odd, I thought I remembered pics of this too, but can't find them now. It's easy though.

Look at the rear end of the slide and observe the black plastic insert at the back. That insert is what blocks your access to the fring pin. This insert is removable, but is held in place by a spring-loaded retaining pin. You have to retract this pin using a small screwdriver, then you can remove the plastic piece by pulling it out the bottom of the slide. With that out of the way, you can pull out the firing pin.

It's easy, but if you need pics I can get them later tonight or tomorrow.
Thanks Scott, I was looking for the prior post of pics and only found the darkened pic in the sticky. If you'd like to shoot a few pics and post, I'd appreciate. :wink:
not sure why these are not in tutorials & information. they should be in the gallery atleast not sure if they are.

go down to step 10 and go backwards as needed.
dont use alot of oil in the striker channel or the extractor channel.

the pin that holds the locking plate on the slide keep an eye on which direction it is. when installed one direction its easier(slight gap left to easily get a screwdriver in and pry back) to remove the other its a pita to get a screw driver between the pin and the locking plate because the pin will sit flush with no gap to easily get a flathead screw driver into.
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Very nice...thank you! :wink:

I agree, these should be in the tutorial!
I'm not sure they are either, but they're excellent......
Thanx, MrApathy :)

...for goin' that extra mile for us all.

Just to add a bit of clarification, in case it's not obvious to anyone who hasn't done this before...
Pic 1 shows the loaded chamber indicator. You don't need to remove the rear sight (as in pic 1) to get at the firing pin; it's only necessary if you want to remove the LCI.

Nice pics MrA. 8)
i didn't want to duplicate anything that i had seen on this site before when i did the tutorials for fear of stepping on someone's toes.

that being said, i'm positive that somewhere around here is a very good set of pics showing the firing pin coming out. or else i would have included that.

but those pics that mr.a had... whew. nice. seems like they could be in a little different order, but seeing the whole thing apart and going back together will make it clear enough.

if you're going to get so far as to remove the firing pin channel, remove the "weight" part #45 and clean it and the firing pin guide rod. the trigger will fell better when you put it all back together.

as far as lubing it, i run a q-tip with rem-oil down the channel, then a dry q-tip. same with the firing pin. wipe some on, dry patch it off leaving the slightest of films.
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