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#1:Cleaning? First handgun ever so no cleaning kit. Is there one particular kit/oils better than the other?
My Answer:
Petroleum based lubrications (aka gun oils) have a tendency to collect dirt and grime. I have always used synthetic lubrication when cleaning my steyr. The more high tech lubrications like Tetra penetrate the metal surface and even if you wipe the pistol dry it will still have some lubrication. This works really well in the firing pin recess area where you want to very, very lightly dab some synthetic lube and wipe it dry. Whereas, if you cleaned the firing pin recess area with standard petroleum based lubrication it may be over lubed and cause you some serious problems (aka light strikes and no boom boom).

#2: Ammo? CCW blazer brass from what I've been reading but is there a velocity range that I need to stay around or...? Thanks for all the help!
My Answer:
I mostly use CCW Blazer Brass in .165 FMJ (full metal jacket) for target practice. A long time ago I was in the same boat as you and did some research finding that the FBI did a study on .40 caliber ammunition and found that .165 gr. .40S&W was more reliable and accurate than .180 .40 S&W. For personal protection I use Speer Gold Dot .165 gr. JHP (jacket hollowpoint). I shoot at the range only from time to time using the Speer as it is expensive.

One Last Note:
Visit our Tutorials & Information section as there is an excellent cleaning tutorials complete with pictures and a VERY IMPORTANT Extractor removal and cleaning tutorial. As a rule of thumb I remove and clean out the Extractor every 200 rounds whether it needs it or not.
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