Cleaned and Polished up the M40 per Big Taco Tutorial

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    Wanted to thank all the Tutorials posted is the download section for the M40. In particular the M&S Series Trigger Tune UP and Sear Mechanism Disassembly and Reassembly.
    In just following the polishing tips for the firing pin spring guide (#44), trigger bar(#16), firing pin (#43), and firing pin channel, I was able to get some noticeable grit off the pull and the feel is much more consistent. Overall stock pull for me is fine at 5.0 lbs avg over 10 pulls on the Lyman digital meter. The most noticeable piece that was burred up is the spring guide (#44). The small end above the cups (weight) that pushes into the second forward section of the hollow firing pin was sharp edged with a nasty burr. This is one reason I polished up the channel as well. The sear tutorial allowed me to reassemble fairly quickly without too much heartache. Thanks BT!

    Highlights: shooting the BT glide-rite across my workbench regardless of how careful i failed to be and learning to orient the manual trigger lock button correctly before assembling the lower housing into the frame. :cheers: