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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, May 18, 2005.

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    Hi guys, I rec'd my S9 from CDNN a couple of weeks ago, and it came in super, super clean condition. I'm sure it was test fired, but it didn't look it.

    After reading the info on the board, I decided to pull the ejector assembly...and lo and was absolutely clean. No grease at all - in fact, it was a little TOO dry! Did I just get a wierd one, or have others found their pistols to not have a grease-packed ejector assembly?

    Can't wait to take this to the range...gotta wait 'till late next week...grrr.

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    Do you mean extractor?
    Mine on the M40 was clean also.

  3. I purchased my M-40 from Gandor Mountain over a year ago and the entire pistol was pretty clean, but very dry. However, despite being dry it fired perfectly right out of the box. My first range time with the M-40 I put about 150 rounds with no malfunctions. Of course, I will never fire it dry again, but nice to know that I could if I had too.
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    Extractor. Yes - that's what I meant.
    -R :oops:
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    My extractor didn't look dirty or gunked up but it moves much better after a good cleaning and lube.