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    Apparently Steyr has a long history of making guns that are a bit
    different. I picked up a model 1908 .32 made under license from Nicolas
    Pieper's patents. The design tips open like a single shot shotgun. The
    barrel is actually below, with the spring and guide rod on top. The end
    of the guide rod locks on to the back half of the frame when closed.

    This particular pistol was made in 1919 and is unit marked "S.W. 3101".
    The S.W. is Sicherheitswache, which was/is an Austrian national police
    force. I don't know anything about the 3101, maybe a unit or individual
    pistol. The magazine is numbered 3070 II. In 1934 the SW, and Steyr, replaced all of the slides on their 1908 pistols with a wider version as shown, making this a 1908/34. The originals were flat-sided. Grips were either black plastic with the Steyr name, or checkerd walnut. The smooth walnut grips I have may be checkered ones sanded down. I need to
    compare the thickness to an orignal. That is about all I know about
    these pistols, other than having found copies of three of the 4 Pieper
    patents. If anyone can help me learn more, I'd appreciate it. Also, the
    safety is missing. If anyone knows where to get one, let me know.