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Civilian Aug in the USA?

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Hi all,
I'm sure we have all the seen the catalog page that which from all accounts is a genuine Steyr publishing showing a listing for the S-A1. While I would be first to line up and buy a S40-A1, I think this page shows far more than that. From looking at this page, and doing a little research, I think that the AUG shown on this page will be a new semi-auto version of the A3 for the civilian market!

Steyr already markets the AUG "Z" (only in austria) which is a semi-auto civilian version, so they already have the semi-auto only trigger pack developed. Secondly, I believe (though haven't found a reliable source to say so...) that the AUG A3, which appears to be shown in this picture, is already available to the military / police market, yet the catalog page lists the model as the "AUG SA" (Semi Auto?), available spring '06. Combined with the other rumors floating around of Steyr beginning a new marketing push beginning of '06, I believe that the AUG Semi Auto will be the flagship product with which they launch thier renewed marketing effort. Lets hope I'm right, and everyone post how much they want one so Steyr execs who may come thorugh here see our support.

I would line up around the block for a S40-A1, a civilian AUG A3, and a "L" 45... Thats about $3000 dollars of my money waiting for you to come take it Steyr...

Edited to Add:
Whoops, I guess I posted this in the wrong forum...My bad..

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ministerofdeath said:
I believe the AUG was banned from importation by 18 USC 925(d)(3), which was enacted and signed in 1989. The importation of parts for assembly was later restricted by amendement in 1990 (see 18 USC 922(r)). The parts importation restriction basically prohibits using more than 10 "importated parts" from a list of 20 parts, such as hammer, trigger, etc.

I think it is 100% unconstitutional and one of many black eyes that the Clinton/Janet Renos gave our country in those dark days when terrorist ran free and Americans with firearms were treated like the 3rd Reich.
Clinton didn't become president until 1/20/1993. Bush did this to us, don't ever forget it. You can't blame dems in congress either, it was an executive order. The new barrel ban is Bush ban too. Don't ever forget that either.
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