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choosing between a P99 and M9

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i've cane down to these 2, had xd9, 24/7, G19 eliminated now down to these 2 and leaning towards the M9. i was wondering how the 2 compared in shooting? the M9 is about $100 cheaper on CDNN (counting hi-cap mag) but i was wondering about the rails. do u need an adapter to mount a laser/light on these and how much/where can i buy one?

please let me know of your opinion between these 2
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Where's Navy87Guy when you need him?! :D He owns both. He favors the P99 ... but likes the Steyr too.

I've shot his P99 ... and I like it alot! ... you can't go wrong with either. The P99 is more expensive but it is the most ergonomically pleasing gun I've ever held ... CZ75BD/ P-01 being a close seconds. However, the Steyr will have less muzzle flip, which I really like. Tough call, really.
I also have both, But I,m sorry to say the P99 is better . But that's my two cents. I also have Beretta's ,Glocks, Xd's Sigs, Hk you name it I've own it or have owned it..
KONY - I was at the range, shooting my P99!!

The P99's that CDNN carries are the 2003 models. They have a proprietary rail that requires an adapter to mount Surefire or other popular styles of lights. The QA model that CDNN carries for $399 has a Glock/Steyr-like trigger action -- precocked striker with consistent trigger pull. It also has a decocker, which can render the pistol useless if it's used because there's no second-strike/DA capability. I think the one they're selling for $429 is the traditional DA/SA (now called the P99 AS) -- but you might want to confirm it with them. I wanted a 2004 AS model, so I ended up paying significantly more (around $600).

I love my Steyr alot -- but the only gun I have that I won't part with is my P99. For me, it's consistently the smoothest, most accurate and most comfortable shooter I have. I did just have it at the range tonight and put another 250 flawless rounds down range. I'm using it as my CCW piece in a Comp-Tac C-T.A.C. holster. My M9 is going to be my second carry gun...I'll probably end up with a C-T.A.C. for it, too.

It's really hard to beat the value of the M9. If you go with CDNN, then either gun will require a rail adapter. Magazines for the Steyr are cheaper ($29 vs $39) but the capacity is less (14 rds vs. 16 rds). There are more options for replacement sights (tritium night sights or fiber optic) for the Walther -- but the trap sights on the Steyr are great for rapid acquisition in "combat-like" conditions.

Bottom line: you'll be pleased with either pistol. If money is a concern, go with the Steyr. If you don't mind spending the extra money, buy the Walther and save up for the Steyr as your next piece.

I have some pics of the guns and some of the target results on my web site, here:

Hope this helps!

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What's the difference between the SW99 and the P99? I've never shot a P99 but I shot about 100 rounds through a SW99 and it was horrible. The trigger was absolutely crap. I shot it back-to-back with a H&K USP Compact 9mm and it was night and day. They were both range rental guns, so maybe that had some bearing on their wear. But if that's true, what does it tell you?

Now that I am fully acclimated to my S9 (1,600 rounds), I can't really think of a better gun for the money. I've owned and competed in action shooting sports with USPs, P7s (the best ever), 1911s, Glocks, Sigs and CZs (P-01 is fantastic too).

i recently shot a p99 .40 on a range trip, i only had my S9 w/ me not my M40 so these are impressions not a true side by side.

steyr has better trigger and less muzzle flip. I love the t/t sights and having a manual safety.

I like the idea of the walter da/sa trigger, but it was not as nice as the steyr. i also like having a decocker as long as there is da/sa options. Accuracy was about the same for me.

length and height seemed the same, the p99 is slimmer though, and seemed lighter.

both are extremely comfortable/ ergonomic.

personaly i'd rather have the original german manufacture (like the ones cdnn has) than a rail i'll never use on a S&W w/ a walther logo on it.

I wish cdnn had the green framed 9mm p99's left and i didn't have to save a few more months before splurging on a purely frivoulous 4th handgun (how many can i carry and shoot at once, hence it's a mad money kinda purchase).

for me price was what made me go the steyr for my first gun, then i fell in love w/ it, but those were the two i had it narrowed down to.

also there is availibility... m/s cheap now and p99 later (maybe after cdnn is out if you want german manufacture) or p99 cheap now and more expensive MA1 later.

try to find both to hold and/or shoot side by side if possible (unlikely, but try).
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KONY - I was at the range, shooting my P99!!
At Blue Ridge?? If so, sorry I missed it! I was coerced into staying home by my son! :cry:
I have the M40 and the P99 AS
The AS trigger is a true double action and can be carried in a single action mode. It also has second strike capability.

CDNN Walthers are all closeout older (2003) models. Walther USA (S&W) is no longer importing the AS style trigger. Current P99 handguns will only be double action only similar to the Styer or Glock. If you decide on the Walther make sure you get the "double action" model as it is the best of the models and sure to be more saught after. Accuracy on mine was much better than expected. It came with 3 back straps and 4 front sites. In 40 caliber the 10 round magazines are subject to failure as Walther (Mec-Gar) magazines had a run of bad plastic base plates that break apart. S&W will replace these with new full capacity magazines at no charge.

The light rail is the old style walther that is proprietary. There is ONE company that makes lights with this mount and they aint cheap. I have one on order but as a Police Officer I guess I can justify it. So you don't have to use an adapter. The adapter is probably a cheaper way to go but less elegant.

keep in mind that in 40 caliber the Steyr is about the only handgun around with a fully supported chamber (there might be others). The Walther is like a Glock in that it was designed as a 9mm first and then modified for the 40, this usually means the chamber is left unsupported for feed reliability. The Styer was designed as 40 caliber handgun and then a 9mm so feed reliability was designed for that cartridge.

I love both handguns but the ergonomics on the Walther are a bit better. Another consideration is that Walther used a magazine release similar to the H&K. if you are going to own more than one handgun for carry purposes this can confuse you in an emergency or competition should a reload be needed.

I plan on using both the Walther and the Steyr as duty weapons, but the magazine release differences have me concerned.
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thanks a lot guys for the info. i really liked the way the walther fit my hand. however 100 bucks is quite a bit of money difference. i am a college student so sheeling out a couple hundreds of dollars for a hand gun is more than i can afford.

it seems like i will be getting the M9 after all. i still have about 100 bucks to save up (shipping and transfer fee's included) and the most fustrating thing is in missouri u have to wait 10 days to get a permit, but i will be leaving to alaska to visit my family for about 20 days around that time. so it seems i will have to wait a month before i can actually order it!!!! a lot of your probably understand how this feels :)

the one concern is the adapter for the rails. it was mentioned that it is expensive. but where and how much is this exactly. i would like to get a laser/flash light on it. i wish the accessories were as cheap as glock stuff.

i think i am going with the M9 because of how cheap 9mm are.

anyone want to talk me out of this decision yet? u have abut a month to convince me not to get it :)
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madecov said:
I have the M40 and the P99 AS
(SNIP) If you decide on the Walther make sure you get the "double action" model as it is the best of the models and sure to be more saught after.

(SNIP) There is ONE company that makes lights with this mount and they aint cheap. (SNIP)
Madecov: so the AS version is considered the best P99 model? How is the DAO it good too? The QA has no second strike capability?

Which company makes the light with the Walther mount?
Does CDNN sell the AS model?
I may have mis phrased things
The AS is certainly a more innovative system as it is not only double strike capable but is also a true double/single action pistol. by "racking" the slide about 1/4" the gun is cocked into single action mode. Then the trigger can be left either foreward of moved back the single action position, in either event the gun can be carried in single action mode or double action mode. If you de cock the gun it is double action with the first pull being long and heavier.

because the AS sysytem is more sophisticated and because S&W (Walther USA) decided not to import any more of them it will become highly saught after.

The light is manufactured by

Laser Devices

This light is available in about 10 of the different mounts for the older guns that used proprietary mount rails.

it is not available for the Steyr.

Not inexpensive, but available in Sig/H&K/Walther and few other mounts as well as picatinny. Also is water resistant to 33 feet guaranteed, shock isolated. Interchangeable head for Laser or LED. as shown it is about 70 Lumens so is comparable to Surefire 6 volt lights.

In Walther mount dealer price is close to $200.00
In Picatinny dealer is around $120.00

I am a dealer in Laser Devices lights.
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KONY said:
Does CDNN sell the AS model?
I haven't called to ask them directly, but I believe from the way they have worded the ads that the model they have on page 5 with the "Constant pull trigger" for $429 is the DA/SA model. I'm not sure if they incorporate the AS trigger travel on the second shot or not -- but frankly that doesn't add much in my opinion. I'd call and talk to someone at CDNN knowledgeable about Walthers on that - or maybe ask for Brian and get him to track it down.


BTW, I was shooting here at The Range on Friday -- not Blue Ridge. That's a long drive (hour plus) on a Friday night in NoVa traffic! The Range is about 7 minutes from my house. It's only worth the drive to hook up with other Steyroids!
So the AS trigger doesn't matter as long as you get a DA/SA model? Just want to be sure before I do anything rash. 8O :lol:
I have had both the 2004 P99 and an S9, M9, and currently have the M9-A1.

The muzzle flip and recoil on the P99 is MUCH greater than either the S9 or M9. The ergonomics of the P99 are better than either the S9 or M9 and about on par with the M9-A1. I like the fact that the P99AS is a traditional double action and that it has a decocker.

The Steyrs are much more pointable for me than the P99 ever was. I owned them all at the same time and did my own comparisons at the range. I sold my P99AS in favor of the M9 because one range session with those trap sights and 111-degree grip totally sold me.

I also thought about buying the P99C to replace my G26. Walther is in a little bit of a bind here, and I am saying this as a lifelong Walther fan. They really needed to make the P99C the same size as the G26/27. It is about half and inch longer and slightly taller. Just enough to make it print more and a little less comfortable. That disappointed me as I really wanted them to be able to compete with Glock on that one. I prefer the action and ergonomics of the P99C over the Glock but the name of the game in compact pistols is that they be compact and the G26 is more compact and shoots very well.

My advice would be: If you are going to spend the money on the P99, then spend it (maybe even less) on the M9-A1. It is a better handling and shooting gun IMHO.

If you are going for a CCW weapon, then look at the P99C and determine if you are willing to put up with a slightly less practical gun over a G26/27 in favor of better ergonomics and a traditional double action.
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