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  1. Steyrboy

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    Read the following in one of the online manuals.

    ". . . Never drop the slide on a chambered round. It will pound the extractor. The round slides under the extractor when pulled from a magazine. "

    Can someone explain this in further detail?
  2. Big Rick

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    maybe I'm wrong, but this is my guess...

    when you drop the slide with a full mag and empty chamber, a round gets pulled up, chambered and sits waiting to get shot and extracted...if there is already a round in the chamber, it still wants to pull a round up from the mag and it results in issues when there is already a round in the chamber

  3. mugdava

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    Hey Steyrboy!

    Just like it says! :shock: When the slide goes forward the frontside of the extractor would slam into the rim of the chambered round trying to get over it. This is a great way to damage or even break Your extractor. Always, I mean always, load Your pistol via the magazine! :wink:
  4. bigtaco

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    when loading from the magazine, the nose of the bullet travels up the feedramp and the rim slides under the extractor.

    if you look at the extractor, you'll notice it has a flat front. this flat front doesn't want to hop over the rim.

    if you look at a shotgun extractor, you'll notice that it has an angle to it that allows it to easily slide over the rim.
  5. luvmy40

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    Some mfgs. say that manually chambering is OK. Some say it's a complete NO-NO. Follow the mfgs. instructions. The design and shape (as bigtaco points out) of the extractor is what determines whether it is detrimental to drop the slide on a chambered round.
    BT correct me if I'm wrong. External extractors are less prone to being damaged by manually chambering and dropping the slide. I use this method on my Llama 1911 commander and have never had a problem. It has an external extractor.