chamber bushing looseness on SSG04

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by scoutdawg55, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. scoutdawg55

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    I have an SSG04 and it appears the chamber bushing has rotated to the point where the bolt cannot be inserted fully into the chamber and upon further inspection you can actually turn it manually with a dowel pin. My question is; is this bushing supposed to rotate? I know there is a factory tension of 10Nm, after that is reached, should it stiil rotate and how loose or tight should it be? Any information will be appreciated.
  2. rmloeb

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    How did you resolve this problem? I have a new SSG 04 and have exactly the same issue. The instructions say this can happen if you use an oversize brush to clean the rifle, but the bushing is so loose that I moved it out of position simply by attempting to clean the goop off the face. I cannot believe it's supposed to be like that, which makes the gun pretty useless.

    Great shooter, if you can get the bolt to engage...


  3. Bushdog

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    Seems like they will all do this - my SSG04 will, as will the SBS action on my Scout.
    That said, I have never had a problem with either gun in use, and I have fired several thousand rounds through the 2 guns I have, plus a previous Scout that I had before. I tend not to worry too much about cleaning this area too closely.
    I understand that the chamber bushing is one of the elements that makes the SBS action so strong and safe. I agree its irritating, but as I say, it has only ever happened to me during cleaning.