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    There was recently a break-in in my neighborhood (two doors down) and I found myself in a very vulnerable position working in my studio/workshop when the perpetrators probably came to my house first. I walked into a potentially bad situation unarmed because of two things: 1. there was no gun handy in my shop as they were all locked in my gun vault and all "available" guns were upstairs out of play, and, 2. I failed to accurately assess the risk. After I evaluated what had transpired I decided that I needed a quick down and dirty gun to stash in my studio/workshop. A double action only revolver came immediately to mind and I snuck up on a used and barely fired S&W Centennial Airweight 642-2 chambered in .38 spl.+P. As this will not be used primarily as a carry gun I went with the larger Hogue grips but will get the smaller Bantams should I ever carry it. I'm generally not all that much into revolvers, but this one is a classic. Aesthetics weren't a consideration, but this one sure is pretty.


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    Nice looking Smith. Have you shot it yet? My daughter has a similar model but only a few rounds leave your hand stinging. Hers could certainly use some Hogue grips, but she's already had a laser sight installed on factory grips, so it's probably too late to get her to change. Plus she doesn't do much shooting, just carries it as a purse gun for emergencies.

    I've been thinking in line with "Celebrate Diversity" and planning to purchase a revolver just because I don't have one at present. I was thinking .38 Special as a BUG, but then I spotted a pair of .44 Special Smiths at a dealer, one Model 396 Airlite SC and one large-frame Model 21 with 4" barrel. I'm going after work tomorrow to shoot both at the shop range to decide which. I really don't need another BUG as I'm happy as a clam with my Kel-Tec PF-9.

    Have no experience with .44 Special so I'm a bit wary of an airweight. If an airweight .38 is a handful, I expect a .44 to be more of the same. I'll report tomorrow which way I went.

    Here's the S&W 396 Airlite SC .44 Special.

    The other option is a minty Model 21 large-frame, 4" .44 Special.

    Any Steyroids got any .44 Special advice? I was thinking Charter Arms Bulldog until I saw this pair of Smiths. :mrgreen: