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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by sewerman, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. sewerman

    sewerman Premium Member

    thanks to the steyroids i have been fortunate to secure a purchase of
    a M9A1 9mm from Cdnn.

    cdnn believes that steyr is pulling out of the u.s. market.

    maybe they are better experienced to know since they deal with company's that dump for one reason or another.

    hopefully this won't come true!

    cheers and thanks to everyone who tipped me off to the sale!
  2. Zundfolge

    Zundfolge Member

    This is like the 3rd time they have liquidated the inventory of Steyrs in the US and every time they tell us that "Last ones ever! Steyr is doomed!"

    I like CDNN, but they have a habit of proclaiming Steyr dead when they are not.

    Since Steyr has been bought by "the man that brought Starbucks to Austria" I have a much more positive outlook for Steyr and their presence in the US market than I did yesterday.

  3. I agree.

    CDNN makes money when they get people in a rush to "get the last Steyrs while you can there wont be another chance."

    Great company though.

    We'll know when and if Steyr pulls out of the US Market on Steyrclub.