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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Nick1, Apr 20, 2005.

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    Hi I was intrested in buying a couple of s9's but need to save some money first. Anyone know if they are goign to last?

    I almost always miss the boat.

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    Howdy. Just talked to them on Monday. They had around 50 left and they may last for another month at the rate they have been selling. This is what I was told. Of course they could go at anytime. If not I have 6 in stock right now. I also have a couple fo M40's with night sights. Also plenty of High cap mags.

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    Are you selling the M40's? If much?
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    I'm really more interested in knowing how many M9's they've got left.
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    When I talked to Brian on Monday. He stated they had around 600 or so M9's left.
    Don't remember the exact count.
    If any one is interested in one of the M40's with night sights just email me or do the private contact thing. I havn't decided if I will be selling them just yet. I will entertain all offers though. They will be much higher than the M9 since there is no more supply of them.
    I have M9's in stock as well.

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    Re: M9's

    Personally I'd probably be willing to pay you maybe $400 for a M40 with night sights. Not much beyond that though
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    M40 with night sights

    Howdy. PM me. But I think I may wait a little while before selling.
    Thanks for your interest.

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    id wait.. everyone seems to still expect to find steyrs at 299.00 for some reason.. LOL i wouldnt sell my s40 for a penny less than 500.00 i KNOW how hard it is to attain one in mint shape. same theory will apply with all the models as they become extinct in the clearance market with the major wholesalers.
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    How very true.
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    As an update, the number was in the forties as of Monday afternoon when I placed my order for the M9.

    If I didn't have my PM9, I would have ordered both. Maybe there's still time for that. :wink:
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    Can someone enlighten me as to why the M40 is harder to get than than the M9. Was that limited supply prior to GSI pulling out? I know where theres one NIB for $349.00, Should I jump on it?
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    jump away.

    i think .40 is becoming a more poular caliber, at least for new purchases if not number out there.
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    I agree with FLaChef. 40's are all gone now (least from my sources) and the round is much more popular than the 9 now adays. But not cheaper.
    Too many bad rumers with the 9 not stopping that junky after 15 shots and such. That is one of the most told stories I get anyway.

    So to make a long story longer. Better to pay $349 now than $449 in 6 months or so. The gun is worth the price. Youd pay allot more than that for a Glock.

    And a whole lot more!
    FFL dealer and TSRA member.
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    This is going to change when the new SA1 hits the street. The value of the S40 will go back down IMHO. I think that $395 to $425 is more realistic.

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    I just got a G22C in trade, traded with a SW1911 for it.
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    Cool. Long as you are happy. :D