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Discussion in 'Caracal C and F Series' started by Syntax360, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. AK47

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    Very logical.

    I beg pardon for fueling this confusion into the mind of Coolbox bro ,when he called me up on the Caracal yesterday. Actually I had read in some other review by someone who had tested them out both, that he felt the trigger reset of the C was somehow better than the F's, though not to any significant extent, yet still.

    The reviews of this handgun are few, so I may be able to recall where I noticed this notion sometimes, yet I see quite some logic there in Syntax bro's view too. Perhaps it was just an individual users specific grip stance on the 2 models that somehow gave him the better feeling with the C, I cannot say.

  2. Syntax360

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    Yes, and most of the folks that reviewed these guns were trying out the dealer samples that have been making their way around the country and globe to various reviewers - the C that one gun writer may have shot could have had thousands of more (or less) rounds than the F he tried. It's hard to say for sure (it could also all have been the reviewer's imagination), but Caracal designed these guns to be simple and for the parts to be drop-in replaceable. From a strictly technical standpoint, there should be no major variation between the two models.

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    I haven't seen an F in the polymer yet, but it does appear that the only differences are the length of the slide/barrel and the length of the grip. Perhaps someone held the F slightly differently (since there's more room) and that affected the feel of the trigger somehow?