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Discussion in 'Other Handguns' started by TheGuyver, Dec 18, 2007.

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    Ok, I've decided I'm going to get a large bore, snubby revolver for my next hand gun.

    There are 4 candidates.....

    Taurus, RagingBull 454ss2m, 2 1/4 in .454 Cassull.
    Ruger SRH Alaskan, 2 1/2 in .454 Cassull.
    S&W model 460es , 2 3/4 in .460 S&W Magnum.
    or the
    S&W model 500es, 2 3/4 in .500 Magnum.

    Each weapon is possible to find in the $700 to $800 dollar range.


    Raging bull ---- It's compensated, and fires the 45 LC as well.

    Alaskan ---- It is readily available (Very easy to find), fires the 45 LC, holds 6 rounds and has the Hogue 'Tamer' grip, (designed special for this gun).

    Model 460es ---- It's easier to find than the Taurus, has high visibility sights, fires 3 seperate cartridges, (.460 Mag, 454 Cassul and 45LC), and it's action is one of the best around.

    Model 500es ---- It's easier to find than the Taurus, has high visibility sights, fires the 500 special as well, and has the same action as the 460es. (Plus I get to say I own the most powerful handgun on the planet, lol)


    Raging Bull ---- Very hard to find in the snub barrel, only holds 5 rounds and I'm not keen on the color of the grip.

    Alaskan ---- Not compensated

    460es ---- Not compensated, stiffer recoil and only holds 5 rounds.

    500es ---- Not compensated, stiffest recoil and only holds 5 rounds.

    Right now I'm leaning towards the S&W 460es, for sheer versitility... being able to fire 3 diferent cartridges just has all kinds of possibilities.....
    But I like the alaskan, with the extra round, and I would also like to say I own a 500 S&W Magnum....who wouldn't...

    What are your oppinions between these weapons?
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    Personally, I am a "panzy-ass" :oops: , that refused to shoot the S&W Model 500. It skeered me ! Now I've seen the posts where this adorable petite shooter's wife shot it twice. I bowed down to her :notworthy: , and at that point my yellow belly feelin's came out.

    Do a YouTube search and see the videos. Wow, I can't get my wife to shoot anything I own.

    My caliber of choice is the .40 and .38 super, NOT THE 500 !

    Take Care, and Good Luck.