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cant identify old!!!

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:?: Hey, well this is my first post so here it goes.
A long long time ago when i was a kid, i remember my dad bringing home this old rifle...he said i could have it (he said it probably didn't work anyhow) It was given to him from a close friend who was dying at the time and thats that...the story on the old gun ends there.
I never really became interested in it again untill my dad passed away and as you know up here in canada we have to get all un-registered firearms "verified" before they can be...(not that i'm gonna)...registered.
There are no markings i can really interperet accept a few stamped numbers and factory punched logos.
I'm pretty sure it is an old Steyr but from where and when and what it was used for ,i'm not sure.
It looks like i cant post any pic's so if anyone can tell me where a good place to do this, that would be nice of you.
my personal e-mail is,
[email protected]
(i can send photos from there.)

the hardest part I have found about trying to identify this rifle is the fact that it has 2 triggers, also ...6.5mm, "18 A" punched into the wooden stock (behind the pistol grip), "LD" punched into the back of the trigger guard,"PG" and what appears to be an "8" with a "/"below it are stamped into the bolt action, and finally what appears to be a 5 sided star or figure directly behind the bolt release.
Thats about all i can offer by description, other than the fact that it looks like its been to hell and back...twice, and there are three notches carved into the bottom of the wooden stock grip.
any help would be appreciated and please feel free to e-mail me at the above address if you want to see pictures of the gun.
.......thank you for your time to all who have read my first long winded krewenchuk.
Kimberley B.C. Canada
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Post pictures on here using Imageshack. I am really interested in finding out what it is!

Regards and Welcome!

welcome, there are directions for posting pics in the Forum Issues forum.
Hopefully someone will know (even if it is Steyr).
Dear Rich,

I will be pleased to help you to indentify your probably old Mannlicher Schoenauer rifle.

Regarding the description it can be a Mannlicher Schoenauer model 1903 in caliber 6,5x54 Mann-Schoenauer. It is probably a hunting model because of the double set trigger.

But any pics (complete and close up on action and marks) will help to identify surely the model.

Best regards

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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