Can you suppress a .223 Scout?

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by Zundfolge, May 18, 2006.

  1. Zundfolge

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    the title says it all ... I'm thinking a suppressed .223 Scout would be the perfect prairie dog gettin' gun :wink:

    Yeah, it would be expensive, but I wonder if it can be done.

    I'm concerned about threading the barrel because its a lot thinner than a AR-15 Heavy Barrel so I don't know if its too thin to thread.

    That or I should just thread the barrel of my AR and put a can on it.
  2. Shooter

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    Ya know you can do anything for money. Just find the right gunsmith. You don't have to thread it, you can do a slip over with set screw. But I don't think a thread would screw it the barrel. Look at the handgun barrels with threads. They are even thinner then rifle barrels.

  3. Guest

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    Don't expect a super quite gun if you are going to suppress a .223. The round is still super sonic. If you use subsonic .223 you might as well be using a 22 lr. Don't get me wrong, the suppressor will eat virtually all the gas and reduce the noise a hell of a lot. I've fired a suppressed .223 in the back room of a gun shop (into a proper bullet trap) and the noise was rather uncomfortable. Outside shouldn't be much trouble. I've seen a couple of people, who are used to shooting suppressed pistols or subguns, switch to a high velocity rifle and wonder why it is still so loud. I do have to admit though, listening to just the sonic boom of the bullet is pretty neat.