Can the M9 be easily carried in a good holster/belt combo?

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    I noticed that many CCW the S9. The specs on the M9 are very similar in size to the Sig P225/228/229 which are the compact Sigs, smaller versions of the P226. Most people carry these compact Sigs. Yet I see that some people also prefer the S9 for CCW.

    I carry OWB and would prefer the higher capacity and slightly larger M9. Doers anyone carry the M9 on a regular basis and/or would you recommend carrying the M9 or should I take a more serious look at the S9.

    Initially this pistol choice was going to be a G19 and this falls right in between the M9 and S9. The pistol would be for CCW, range (quite a bit) and home defense. I have other pistols and revolvers but want to get a highly reliable 9mm.

    Right now I CCW a Kahr PM9 in Milt Sparks 55BN OWB and a Sig P239 357 Sig in same setup.

    Comments? Experiences? Suggestions? Thanks.
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    Well, you will find that the S9 is significantly larger than the Kahr PM9.

    Second, although the M & S are only 1/2" different in barrel & butt, it seems to make a pretty large difference for carry.

    I have my permit, but don't carry on a regular basis. However I do have an IWB CTAC from CompTac, and I notice that the S9 prints far less under a shirt than the M9; that 1/2" in the grip length seems significant.

    As far as capacity goes - I just performed a magazine mod that gets me 12 + 1 in the S9. Basically, the S40 magazine can be modded to carry 12 rounds of 9mm instead of 10 rounds of .40. But since S40 magazines seem to be impossible to find, I had to "make" my own. Details on that can be found in threads on this site, and further explanation can be given if you are interested.

    Either Steyr is a good choice, IMHO. I've had my M9 for a while, and only recently picked up the S9. I like the balance of the smaller S; though I still love the M9, of course.

    Personally, I think I will eventually pick up a compact 1911 or other slim pistol for CCW. I wish someone besides Kimber made a 4" barrel 1911 with a stubby grip; most makers seem to go "compact" all the way, with the shorter grip also coming with a 3.5" or shorter barrel/slide, which I'm too afraid to take a chance on; I've heard lots of reliability problems with 1911's under 4" barrel length.

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    I carry my Springfield Armory 1911 Micro Compact with the 3 inch barrel and haven't had any problems with it being reliable. Pull the trigger and it goes bang every time. It was a bit expensive but I ran 200 rounds of the Golden Sabre thru it before that became my carry round.
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    WHY do you have to praise the Micro? I LOVE that pistol, and you're encouraging me to buy one...:)

    I've just heard too many bad experiences with compact-slide 1911s. I know the "internet megaphone" phenomenon, where only the complainers post, and those who have no problems have nothing to say - so all you hear is the bad stuff. But I've seriously read a lot about jamming with 1911s that have a sub-4" barrel.

    There has also been plenty of good stuff posted also, but I hate the prospect of buying a "hit-or-miss" pistol in terms of reliability. Some people have thousands of trouble-free rounds through theirs, while some jam once every mag or two. I just don't know if it's a chance I'm willing to take, know what I mean?

    I've even considered going so far as to buy something like an SA Micro, and then buy the barrel, slide, recoil spring & guide rod from a 4" gun and create a custom. Would be a pricey one-off gun, however.
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    I too have seen many post on the 1911 forum about the Micros and how finicky they were, but maybe I just hit it lucky with mine. It is the OD green with night sights. One tough little concealed carry weapon. I also bought one of the Springfield GI models and it ran like a sewing machine right out of the box and was accurate.
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    back to the original topic, it really just depends on build and clothing.
    S will always be easier, but many people do carry M's.

    if you've got the kahr pm9 then i say go w/ an M. maybe you won't be able to ccw w/ everything in your closet, but when you can't ccw the M use the PM9.
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    I finally got to handle both the S9 and M357 pistols and man was I impressed! Both fit my hand well and I was blown out at the tightness of the slide to frame fit and the quality of the metal and polymer.

    I'm going to order an M9 on Monday fron Brian at CDNN with four extra 14 round mags. Once I get it, I'll strip it down via the downloads, clean, lube and take her out for a spin.

    Personally, I've not been that impressed with a pistol in a long time. :wink:
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    Nice to see you made it! Let me know when you get it and we can hit the range together to break that bad boy in.

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    ok out of curiosity when was the last time.
    I ask because I kinda see a few trends in what steyroids also like to shoot.

    going out on a limb I'll wager a P99 or MAYBE an XD or Kimber.
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    It was a Kimber Custom Govt Series I. :wink:
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    This Steyroid will generally be in the range firing one of several Berettas or 10mm's if a Steyr is not in the shooting bag.

    The P99's look do the 5" XD....and the Kimbers (especially the 10mm and/or any Kimber with a rail :D )
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    As much as I love my Steyr, my Walther P99 is my all around favorite. It's the most accurate and comfortable-feeling pistol I own (for me). My M9 is right up there, will be my second choice for concealed carry.

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    I think your P99 has been the best semi-auto I have shot ... I have not shot tons but list includes:

    Taurus 24/7
    Steyr M9 (obviously)
    CZ 75BD
    CZ P-01
    H&K USP9
    Couple 1911s
    Kel-tec P-32
    All of Jim's other wundernines!

    It just feels right. However, I like your GP100 best, Jim! :D