Can I buy tritium capsules?

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    I'm in the beginning stages of a possible project. I think I am going to *try* to make night sights for our Steyr pistols.

    My plan is to use tritium dot capsules, just like the ones in standard night sights, and install them into the stock tri/trap sights.

    If this is possible, it would let us have our beloved tri/traps, along with a three-dot night sight system for low-light.

    My first step is to find out if I can even buy the capsules. I emailed Trijicon, and I'm waiting for a response.

    If there are any other sources for capsules out there, I'm all ears.

    If I can buy the tritium, it's a pretty simple process of drilling proper holes in the stock sights, and using some good epoxy to get the capsules seated.

    Let me know what you guys think, and if you've got any ideas or sources to get tritium capsules.
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    Well I heard they have quite a supply over at Los Alomos. You could give them a call and go through their simple application process. 8O

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    Seriously...anything with tritium in it is regulated by the NRC. I think the only way you could get some would be to buy the sights and take the capsules out. I doubt very much that "average Joes" like us can just buy the capsules...but it will be interesting to hear what Trijicon has to say.

    What's the cheapest night sight out there? I wonder how hard it would be to disassemble it without cracking the vials. If it were me, it would end up being a pretty expensive science project!

    Let us know what you find out!

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    The cheapest night sights are probably PT's and I imagine any night sight has the capsules epoxied into the metal.

    They are going to be difficult to remove and you have a good chance of breaking them in the process.

    If you do start messing with the tubes, wear some gloves. The less radiation you receive the better!
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    At one time, Trijicon would turn any set of sites into night sights. I don't know if this is still the case, but it is worth a shot.

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    Actually, you get more radiation from your TV and from sitting in front of your computer than you would from breaking 500 of those little tritium gas tubes. And I know sells tritium lights but I think they're FAR to big for this application. Still, I suppose you can ask them.
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    Try Ameriglo - they make a lot of tritium marker products.