Cameras tough enough for war

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    Former Green Beret Michael Yon went to Iraq in 2004, at the height of the "bad news" being reported on the war when some of his former Army buddies told him "somebody has to report the truth. It's your duty."

    In addition to reporting on the war, he's also learned some interesting lessons about digital camera gear, in particular what's tough enough and fast enough to cover a live war and keep on shooting, digitally speaking.

    He started out with a point-and-shoot Sony, went to a Nikon D70 and is now on his second pro Canon.

    Here's part one of his camera equipment review, from the Sony to the D70.

    And here's part two, from Pandora to Pandora II, a pair of pro Canon digitals.

    When the Nikon D70 got combat stress, I jumped out of the pool and into the Bering Straits of digital cameras. Drum roll . . . I opened the box . . . the Canon Mark II 1DS. Welcome to photography hell! No dummy buttons. The engineers apparently assumed the owner actually knows something about photography to spend $8,000 on a camera body. You make a wrong move with the Canon Mark II 1Ds, and your photos are trash.
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    i know ZERO about digital SLR's, but my buddy just got a D80 and LOVES IT!!!!

    i of course have no idea why.

    he's telling me all this great stuff and i'm like, "dude, it's a camera... it takes pictures"