Came in 4th in local IDPA with MA1-40

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by ThaiBoxer, Sep 4, 2007.

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    Had an interesting day. I was nailed on several procedurals. From a kneeling position behind cover, I dropped mag and reloaded. Then I finished the stage, still kneeling from behind cover. But...the mag had a round left in it. Oops...procedural. That is the only IDPA rule that I hate. I can kind of understand the thinking behind it, but still...
    Next we were at contact distance with two targets, and I was supposed to draw and put 2 in eah in "Tactical sequence" meaning 1 in the first, 2 in the second, and back to one in the first. The thinking is get one in each as fast as you can. I understood, then drew "bang bang" turn "bang bang" SHIT turn back and one last "Bang" to try to gloss over it. Oops. It's just faster to double tap from contact than it is to turn back, but at longer ranges it makes more sense. Procedural, follow the directions dude. Got another procedural for not using cover when instructed, totally legit.

    Then I had a bad round jam. The remfg bullet had been seated off angle, and it totally tied up the gun with a hot round partially wedged in the chamber. Lost that string completely. Not much to do about that.

    Then we had a guy have an ND. Older, kind of goofy guy. Apparently he has been sloppy about the trigger at other times. During a reload he had his finger in the trigger and put one in the ground about 6 feet in front of him. STOP. Pack your stuff, and off you go.

    Had lots of fun, though.

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    Like the new Avatar!

    8) 8)

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    Sounds like a good time 8).
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    Fess up! What's that muzzle staring at us? Make, model and caliber, pleeze!

    And how did you get the smiley face on the end of the guide rod?

    Pretty fancy needlework, as Doc Watson would say. :mrgreen:
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    That is a pic of my Springfield Armory 1911A1 .45. Bought it in 1990 for $365. I've added only a magwell, hammer and new grip safety, and a trigger job. EGW custom bushing and spring plug. They make them as monogramed items, but for an extra $15 will do whatever you want that they can get the CNC to do. That leaves a lot of leeway for a guy like me.

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    that's why i don't shoot idpa anymore.

    in a firefight there won't be a procedural. you gotta think think think about the situation you find yourself in and shoot shoot shoot when it's time.

    in the process of making it less "gamey", they've invented a whole new game. i can't imagine that idpa today is what jeff cooper had in mind.